Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Blog!

I've been blogging since college, with the initial intent of simply staying in touch with good friends. This resulted in several years worth of writing that was at times embarassingly personal and sometimes just plain mundane. It's time for a new start! Tabula Rasa!

I'm starting this blog at a bit of a turning point in life as well. After a year and a half in Dallas, I finally feel like I am invested here. Isaac and I are so excited about the growth in our community group for church, and I am excited about my first few months with a small group of Jr. High girls and the crazy activities that go along with that. This city of suburbs finally feels a little familiar. So, while I don't think I will ever get rid of the itch to travel and be doing something truly meaningful (nor do I want to - those are God-given!), I think I am content to be here while Isaac finishes seminary and I potentially get my own MA.

It's a good stage of life, and life is what I intend to write about here.

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