Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chicago Thaws into Spring

Wow, check out this photo of Chicago at sunset that was posted on this photography blog. Stunning. Click on it for the full size. Once I flew into Chicago and we turned over the lake and headed into the city with the sunset behind it, and it was gorgeous - breathtaking.

It is odd that cities are beautiful, but they are. I fell in love with Chicago. I miss it.

HOWEVER... That Chicago "thaw" looks like it still has remnants of snow, whereas the high in Dallas today is 80 degrees.

Chicago, I miss you and your culture and ethnic neighborhoods and public transportation and endless places to explore, but until you decide to move south yourself, I'll keep enjoying Dallas in the spring!


Jaimie said...

Next place you move, we'll be hearing about Dallas. :P

Togenberg said...

Chicago is cool, big, brawy, complicated, articulated, beautiful, the real deal. Is Dallas a beautiful city in the same way?