Sunday, March 15, 2009

D-Town 2009

Hey - the video from D-Town 2009 is finally out!

One of the best things about the last few months has been getting involved with the student ministries at my church, Watermark. I love the way they split the kids into small groups in sixth grade, and then the small group and their two leaders stay together all the way through graduation from high school.

I joined as a co-leader of a group of 8th grade girls who had one leader get married and move away. I hate hate HATE being new, so I have to say I started with some trepidation. I was prepared for it to be awkward for a while, though, and after a couple of months and a few weekend events, I really feel like I've bonded with my girls and that they trust me.

Fall and Thanksgiving 250

I know part of it is that I just love being a part of a group, a community. Student ministries has that "family" feel about it, even though it's huge. The heads of the ministry try to really invest in the small group leaders and build relationships between us. Here we all are at the end of D-Town 2009, a weekend-long retreat in February.


Best of all, though, is the opportunity to hear the hearts of my girls

small group Dec 2008

I remember 8th grade and how intense those years are, and I LOVE being able to inspire conversations about life and love and God and to challenge them to take it all seriously. I love being in a position to be a leader and a friend. Not that it's all serious at all... there is lots of craziness and chick-flicks and dancing:

Fall and Thanksgiving 266

spring 2009 005

It's all ironic, actually, because when I was in 8th grade I was in the US, and the craziness and dancing and entire middle-school culture felt SO foreign to me. To take part in it with these girls now is sort of a time-warp, but it's also good. The fun stuff can be exhausting at times now that I'm old *wink*, but those times are really what creates the bond between the leaders and the kids and segues into real conversations about real, heavy things going on in their lives. I have really grown to love them, and I do treasure this opportunity. It has given me a sense of purpose and meaning during this waiting period of life.


Annie Peterson said...

That shopping cart picture is so fun! And I am sure you are SUCH a blessing to those girls...I wish we could have gotten to know you better while Mr. Mann was teaching us!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

This reminds me how much I desperately need to get more involved with my church and start volunteering somewhere again... sigh.

Togenberg said...

I bet it's a great experience for you! I do not doubt for a moment that the blessing flows both ways.