Monday, March 16, 2009

Explosion in my kitchen

This morning there was an explosion in my house.


Luckily, I'm the type to laugh in the face of danger.

No really, my reaction was to laugh.

See, I have this fancy smanshy thing called a Bialetti Mukka Express.

It looks like this (except mine looks ugly because I didn't read the directions and put it in the dishwasher the first time I used it... which it turns out you're not supposed to do).


You put it on a burner on medium high and it uses pressure to make a ready-in-minutes cappuccino, which is awesome. I've been using it for a few years now. It's a little tricky - if you don't screw the bottom and top together just perfectly after you filled up the water, milk, and grounds, it starts to fizzle and run out of the sides instead of actually foaming. Even when it works correctly it always scares you for a minute, because when the built up pressure releases and starts foaming the milk it always sounds for a minute like a lawnmower is going through your kitchen.

This morning when that grating sound started I turned around expecting the usual foaming, but instead witnessed the pressure foamer piece literally SHOOT off the top and slam into our microwave, releasing a spewing geyser of cappuccino that also shot up into the microwave and then splattered down over one half of the kitchen.

I laughed.

And then thought - how am I going to stop this? I need to turn off the heat, and there is spewing boiling liquid between me and the dial!

The pressure did let up a bit and I managed to move the geyser out of the way and turn the heat off, and I think I have cleaned up my kitchen pretty well. It was exciting though. What a way to start of my Monday morning.


Lauren said...

With the way that would get my adrenaline running, I might not need the coffee after, lol. Glad you're okay! ~ L

junglewife said...

We have one of those too! I'd never heard of them before a friend gave us one about a year ago. They're awesome! Sorry yours exploded!

Jaimie said...

Haha, I think I would've laughed too. Funny picture.

Annie Peterson said...

I'm glad you laughed. :) But what is it with you guys and kitchen disasters??

Jaimie said...

Maxtors are good, SeaGates are good, and iBooks are good. I have a whole slew of techie friends who will argue which one is better than the other of those brands, but those seem to be the front-runners. I got a Maxtor myself.

Really, all hard-drives WILL crash. It's just a matter of when. Having two is better odds.

I got mine at Best Buy, but then again I'm willing to dish out $10-30 extra over the "hassle" of shopping around. So I'm not sure where you'd get a cheaper one. They're all pretty expensive. Check around.

(Depending on what you're storing, you won't need 1T... I think I got 250G-500G...)