Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Featured Flikr Photos - Cultural Weddings

I LOVE seeing the cultural traditions of weddings. Working as a caterer exposed me to some huge and beautiful Indian, Jewish, Greek, and yuppie weddings. Someone linked to chaxiubao's beautiful slideshow on flikr titled "A Wedding Crasher in Pingyao, China".

He describes the album as :"A wedding I crashed (my first visit to this place and I knew not a single soul here) in Pingyao, Shanxi province of China. I just walked in the house, told them politely I am a traveler from Hong Kong, wanted to take some pictures of the wedding and they kindly let me to."

Check out the photos here, or go to his page on flikr and view them at full-scale. The captions are awesome.

And in the spirit of cultural wedding photos, I thought I'd add in my own sideshow from a village wedding that my family attended over Christmas on the subcontinent. It was one of the coolest experiences I ever had. The village was just a few scattered mud huts with animals and hay everywhere - it felt like such a biblical scene. We first joined the women's henna (mendhi) ceremony where the bride was painted. It felt like a funeral in some ways because it is traditional for the bride and her attendants to weep and wail through all of the ceremonies. The celebration went on for days, and only came together with the men once for the actual marriage ceremony, which happened at midnight under the stars and lit only by a couple candles and cell phones. The bride was covered from head to foot, and she and the groom had never met before. Here are the photos:

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Sarah Eliza said...

Love the photos! They're beautiful... so cool! I totally have culture shock on the idea of not meeting your spouse until the wedding though; is it a practical issue of travel being difficult or just tradition? It seems kind of awful... lol