Friday, March 20, 2009

Globalization reaches the ends of the earth

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I've decided to do a series of posts titles "Featured Flikr Photos". Once a week I'll take a part of my life and blog about it through photos I've discovered on flikr. None of them (or at least next to none of them) will be my photos, I'm just taking advantage of the awesome photography I've discovered on flikr.

This is just a taste - I find this photo unbelievable. These are Dani people in the highlands of papua. Unbelievable.

Sorry for the nudity. Or maybe I'm not. After all, to them they are totally modest, so maybe we need to just get over it.


Clare said...

I love love love this.

Togenberg said...

Oh, I can't see why their (relative) nudity should be an issue. They aren't being immodest in context. I suppose one could Photoshop in some knitted poly-blend Gap or J Crew tops and (at least) some summer active wear shorts. Something that says "Western Highlands" without being too preppy. (j/k)

Oh wow.

I worry how globalization will affect indigenous peoples, what affect technology (from mass-produced metal machetes to Vaio laptops to the infrastructure and economy behind those objects) will have, what meanings will be relayed and created.

In any case, wow, such a cool picture.