Thursday, March 12, 2009

When I discovered the food world of Chicago

When I lived in Chicago I found this website:

It's not the slickest website, but the content was awesome. It was a bunch of foodies that were visiting and reviewing restaurants around Chicago. My curiosity was piqued and I started to visit the places that were rated highly and were also cheap.


A whole new world of Chicago opened up to me, and I started making an effort to visit little ethnic neighborhood and try new recommended exotic dishes that cost just a few bucks. On Saturday mornings I'd hit up a little Cuban dive and pick up steak and egg sandwiches and cafe con leche, and then find the trucks outside out of which Mexican families were selling acquas frescas and tamales (3 for a dollar!). Today a blog directed me back to the post that first inspired me to try that Cuban place - it is complete with great photos and catches the feel of the place pretty well:

Thanks to that website, we tried duck curry with lychee at a Thai place, Chicago/Greek saganaki, coal fired Italian pizza and amazing gnocchi, Ukrainian borsht, Cuban sandwiches, Mexican tortas and tostadas, Southern barbeque and fried chicken, Puerto-Rican plantain chicken sandwiches, Vietnamese noodles, Chinese buffets, real Indian and Pakistani curries, Singaporean bubble tea, and Korean barbeque.

I was totally depressed when I found out that Dallas has a foodie culture but it focuses on the expensive, high class places. It took some time for me to start finding little ethnic dives and dragging Isaac around to try them out, but I'm starting to establish a rotation. I'm also inspired to start up my own site with photos and reviews of local non-chain restaurants. Maybe I can share the love the way LTH did in Chicago.


Melissa said...

Kacie! I love seeing fellow Moody students. I am not sure if we met formally at Moody but I have absolutely seen your face and your husband's face. We must have been there are the same time. So great to "see" you in blogworld. So are you two in Dallas or what?

Annie Peterson said...

Wow! I wish I had known about this before I left Chicago!

Saganaki is awesomeness set on fire and drizzled with lemon. Pure awesomeness.

Togenberg said...

Love unknown, ethic places where you get blown away by flavor and don't spend much. So rewarding and cool.