Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday = Affordable Gourmet Coffee at Home!

I have been following the Works-for-me-Wednesday suggestions for months now. Hop on over to the We Are That Family Blog to see other suggestions from bloggers about what works for them.

This is the first time I've added my own suggestion, and I'm continuing the theme of my post earlier this week about my Mukka Cappuchino maker kitchen explosion.

Thing is, I LOVE a good latte or a plain cup of coffee. I generally hate office coffee and I generally can't afford to stop at Starbucks every morning. Beyond that, while I like Starbucks beans, I think they make a lousy latte (and I worked at an awesome Italian coffee shop that prided itself on making real Italian lattes and cappuchinos, so I should know... if I learned anything at that job!).

That is why I begged for a:

Bialetti Mukka Cappuchino maker, and that is why I have loved having it for the past few years. With this little stove-top cappuchino maker, you can make a real cappuchino in minutes. It's too hard to explain, so I'll just post the instructional video here:

While I love my little Mukka, if you just like regular coffee or americanos rather then having the milk steamed or frothed for you, I have a cheaper and easier option that I first heard about on the Jesus Creed blog of professor Scot McKnight.

The Aeropress

The Aeropress is essentially a new design of a french press, but those who use it rave about it madly to the extent that you wonder if they're being paid off. It turns out that even Starbucks is starting to test them in stores. They only cost around $25 (see them at Amazon, rated with nearly five stars and nearly 300 reviews), they are simple and quick to use and clean-up, and all you need is hot water and some good grounds.

* Note the Intelligensia coffee in the background of this video - I fully agree with that promotional plug for the best Chicago-roasted coffee.

Tips to get the best cup of coffee:

- Use hot, hot water. Just a tad below boiling.
- Buy good coffee beans. I personally love Starbucks Verona, but Intelligensia, Torrefazzione, Lavazza, and many others also offer some amazing coffee beans.
- For the best taste, grind the beans right before you brew your coffee. The longer your beans have been sitting, the more they lose their flavor. If they've been sitting already ground you've lost even more.


Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Cool! I love coffee, and my boyfriend and I are having fun playing with a french press I got him for Valentine's Day... next time we buy a coffee maker, I'm totally checking into these...

PS I'm following your blog on google reader! Looking forward to your posts. :)

Togenberg said...

Dunno why I wouldn't just use a press pot instead of the Aeropress.

Ok I am hooked on that stove-top capp. maker. How cool! That is really cool.

Peacock Tea and Coffee said...

Great post! Quality gourmet coffee is hard to find especially at affordable prices.