Tuesday, April 14, 2009

About US - Isaac and Kacie

Wee Lass with a Latte tagged me for this meme, so here it goes... it's all about Isaac and I

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What are your middle names? Is it safe to put both your first and middle names on the net? Eh... well, I'll put mine but not Isaac's. My middle name is Lynn, which is also my mother's, and my grandmother's name was Marilyn.

How long have you been together? Total of nearly seven years, which is absolutely insane. Nearly four married, three dating.

How long did you know each other before you started dating? Technically about five months, but we were sort of considered a couple for a good three months before that, though we weren't official. We met in August at the beginning of his freshman and my sophomore year at Moody, and within a month the flirtation was definitely mutual and noticed. :)

(we were such dorks)

Who asked whom out? He asked me out after we got back from Christmas break. Took me to the Starbucks by Loyola and nervously asked me to be his girlfriend. It was super cute. We were absolutely a stereotypical Bible college couple.

How old are each of you? He was 18, I was 19.

Whose siblings do you see the most? It's pretty even. All of them live far away. We usually see our siblings about once or twice a year.

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple? As a couple? Hmm... moving put some tension on us as a couple, since my first six months in Dallas were really lonely, but at the same time it drew us closer. Time management is something we have to consistently talk through, since our priorities and ways of de-stressing are opposite.

Did you go to the same school? Yep... undergrad at least.

Are you from the same home town? No....none of our hometowns are the same.

Who is smarter? Isaac. He has quite a mind.

Who is the most sensitive? Hmm... I am to other people, but he is within our marriage.

Where do you eat out most as a couple? I love to try new places, so we have some variety. Isaac would eat at Olive Garden every week if he could! Probably our most often agreed upon establishment is Taqueria Cholula, a Mexican dive that costs a pittance.

Who has the worst temper? Probably me

Who does the cooking? heh, me. Early in the marriage when I was still getting the hang of actually being prepared to cook dinner, I had moments when I would come up and just... not want to cook and not be prepared. I'd tell Isaac I just wasn't going to cook, which he always assured me was fine, but the other option was to go out to eat.... he never cooks. :)

Who is more stubborn? We are both stubborn, but probably me. Early on in our dating relationship Isaac told me I was like a brick wall.

Who hogs the bed? Isaac

Who wakes up earlier? I do naturally, but he has to get up for school before I have to get up for work.

Where was your first date?
The Celtic fest in Chicago. It was meant to be a group outing but everyone else canceled. After leaving Grant Park we wandered through the gardens of the Art Institute of Chicago and got slushies from 7-11. It took us a while to finally get back to Moody. ;)

(Isaac's comment on seeing this photo: I was a good-lookin chap!)

Who is more jealous? Isaac was when we were dating, but neither one of us is now.

How long did it take to get serious? Heh... I'd say we were serious before we even started dating in some ways. I was just serious about romance - I didn't wish to give my heart away without having at least a decent shot at it lasting. It did take a long time for me to be confident enough to talk about marriage as a "when" rather than an "if". About a year and a half, actually. As soon as I started sounding ready, Isaac bought a ring without me knowing.

(this photo is not as sensitive as it looks. Isaac is actually flicking off the camera, British-style)

Who eats more? Oh geez, Isaac, it's not even within the same league. Not that I don't like to eat, he just eats a lot.

Who does the laundry? He does. Bravo! I do the dishes and the cooking, he does the laundry, and we split the saturday cleanup.

Who’s better with the computer? Me. He doesn't have the patience to figure things out. If something goes wrong he just yells and then waits for me to do the research on what is wrong and how to fix it.

Who drives when you are together? Always Isaac.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but I'd love to see any of your answers!

Picture 087


Kaycee said...

You two seem like such a great match and he was/is a good looking chap.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

hehehe so fun! and the "sensitive" photo is hilarious. :P

Erin said...

All you need to do to the 'sensitive' photo is to crop it and it would be gorgeous :)