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Featured Flikr Photos - Moody Bible Institute

I have done three posts of photos from the island I grew up on, Papua in Indonesia. This post is moving to Chicago, where I spent six years for college and the first couple of years of married life. These photos are embedded from flikr, so if you want to see more from the photographers, click on the photos and check out their photostreams!

I went to Moody Bible Institute, which became too conservative and strict for me by the end of my four years there, but the highlight was its location right in the middle of Chicago, which I have thoroughly fallen in love with.

From the wall outside my dorm, Houghton:

Moody Bible Institute

The plaza with Crowell Hall behind it, featuring "the arch" in the middle. We like to say that from above, the shapes of the grassy areas of the plaza spell out "I DO", in keeping with the Moody "Bridal" Institute trend:

Moody Bible Institute

Unfortunately, in the winter it looks more like this, and it was romantic and fun for about two years after coming to the US from the tropics. After six years I thought I would die if I had to live through another Chicago winter

River North

This is the roof of my my 10 story dorm. I went up here during sunsets, rainstorms, and big snows. At the beginning of the year the international students and mks came here for a worship night and some crazy skits, and several times my girls groups met up here. It had a feeling of peace - an oasis in the midst of the bustle of the city.


View from the boys dorm (which was 20 stories tall):

rooftop shots1

The hallway in the student center, where I spent many hours chatting with friends or "studying" with Isaac. At the end of the hallway is "Joe's" the student run coffee shop that opened while I was there, named after the much loved then President, Joe Stowell.

asc keys

The "el" or elevated train that runs through Chicago. It is the reason I didn't own a car until I was 23. :) I actually loved the el, because you never know what you'll see. Maybe I'll do an el post one of these days.

A quiet night in a noisy city

Convocation at Moody, with one of my favorite (and most eccentric) proffs up front, Dr. McDuffee, from Boston. He sometimes would appear to be lecturing to the computer or the board rather than the students. He was a genius.


Buck-buck, which I believe is... maybe a Filipino game? In any case, it seems to have spread like a virus to international schools across the world, and Moody plays it at Vespers, the first dinner together for the whole school in the Fall. It is crazy and somewhat dangerous, like leap frog except instead of landing on the other side you land... on top of people... and then try to cling for dear life.

buck buck

Then there's flagpoling, which also takes place in the plaza. It's been a tradition for generations of Moodies. When a couple gets engaged, as soon as its warm enough, they kidnap the boy and drag him to the plaza, where a crowd gathers as he is tied to a "flagpole" which is actually a lampost, not sure how that happened. A mock trial is held by the guy's friends to see if he has "betrayed the brotherhood and fallen in love with a woman". Fake or real evidence is produced in the form of notes, poems, love letters, etc. He is condemned, covered in shaving cream, and then rescued only by the appearance of his fiance, who kisses him (which is a big deal, sine it's the only time couples are allowed to kiss on campus). It's great fun, and only perpetuates the inevitable marriage stereotype. We literally have a flagpoling "season", where you can see a flagpoling several times an afternoon.


April 30, 2007

Vespers is always gorgeous - Chicago in mid-August is gorgeous.


After the sun goes down at Vespers, this is the view from above, with the students in the bottom of the photo. You can hear the singing for blocks.

worship in the plaza

Moody Church (near, but not officially joined to the school) during Founders Week

February 5, 2007

Candlelight Carols

This is also not Moody, but is a necessary part of Moody life. Mr. J's Dawg and Burger, where you could get a full meal for under $4. It was always filled with students and the classics of old-school Chicago, cops and old men with thick Chicago accents. I think the Moody boys kept this place in business:

Mister J's Dawg 'n Burger

And then there's Watertower Place, which is the closest mall to Moody, although it was so expensive that I never shopped there. Still, it was a fun place to visit and Isaac and I had a booth on the 5th floor that became our refuge to go to when we were in a fight. You had no privacy whatsoever on campus, but we could spend a couple of hours talking things out in Watertower without people seeing the drama go down.


If it is even remotely warm (or rather, not cold), students go to Oak street beach (about four blocks away from school) en masse. It is truly beautiful and unique - white sand and water surrounded by city.

Oak Street Beach

Oak Street Beach: Chicago Skyline View

It's gorgeous at sunrise as well, and nearly empty:


Isaac and I and our group of friends spent hours and hours roller blading and walking through the streets of Chicago. The river in the evening (when it's not below zero) is beautiful and romantic...

Chicago by Night

And it's touristy and fun in the day:
July 16, 2006

My favorite little corner coffee shop and fountain near our old apartment:
Sept8 073

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Melissa said...

wow, i never realized that moody is right in the middle of chicago like that until now.

Kaycee said...

I went to Chicago for a business trip once and loved it. It's my second favorite city behind Vancouver, BC.

During our week there my colleague and I rode the el everywhere. Chicago really does have a great transportation system.

The Flood Zone said...

"flagpole" from before the new addition -and it was just Torrey-Gray there so there was more space in the plaza and it actually had a flagpole. It's funny that the tradition continued with the same name after the pole was gone.

Jobe said...

Oh, and I also live in the Dallas area. :) You look strangely familiar to me, btw.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if part of the reason to stay at MBI, not just because in heart of Chicago, but was the gifted tuition?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a current Moody student and work for the Moody Alumni Association in Chicago! I was wondering if I might use a few of the pictures you have put up for a Moody promotions presentation for new students? You are a beautiful photographer!!! May God Bless and keep you.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a current Moody student and work for the Moody Alumni Association in Chicago! I was wondering if I might use a few of the pictures you have put up for a Moody promotions presentation for new students? You are a beautiful photographer!!! May God Bless and keep you.My email is