Monday, April 6, 2009

Featured Flikr Photos - Sentani

*NOTE*.... these are photos taken from flikr, so to see more from these flikr photographers, please click on the photos, which should take you back to their pages. Many of these are taken by the flikr user hobbes266


Last week I wrote about Jayapura, which is the capital city of the province of Papua, where I grew up. This week I'm featuring Sentani, which in my opinion is more beautiful, probably because it doesn't qualify as a city yet so it's still filled with natural beauty. It was a stunning place to grow up in - rolling hills leading into a beautiful lake and bordered by a huge mountain and waterfall.... plus the place is prone to the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen.

This is Lake Sentani and the surrounding hills. I used to go ride my motorcycle around the area and watch the sun set over the lake. Sentani is named after the tribe that originally lived here (which is now very much outnumbered).

Lake Sentani

Sentani is in a valley between the ocean, a lake, and a mountain. Mount Cyclops, which is half cut off by clouds in this photo I took in 2007:

Picture 490

And from higher up (see why you never want to leave??)


I mentioned last week that these hills are bare because General MacAurther ordered them all to be sprayed down to kill the vegetation so that the Japanese troops couldn't sneak up on the American base in Sentani.

The lake is lined with houses like this, where the toilet is just right off the edge! It looks beautiful but it'd be rather inconvenient most of the time.

Reflection on Lake Sentani

Papuan ladies chillin. They weave their bags (nokens) themselves.

Dani women at the pasar (market)

Indonesian school girls. The uniforms are standarized across the whole country, with a different color for each age group. This photo is from a couple of years ago when the city flooded after heavy rains:

Opposite toko Victory

Papuan kids by the river. My house was near this river, so I used to go hang out here with my brother:

Driving around

Local soccer match - I went to a couple of soccer matches when some of my friends were in the province's team (pretty awesome). They buried the kidnapped and killed leader of the independence movement RIGHT in the middle of the downtown soccer field that they used to play on, so they've had to find new places to play!

Watching a soccer match

Trucks on the river bed. Building materials come pretty cheap - if you can load it into your truck, all the sand and rocks in the river are yours for the taking:

Filling a truck by hand

Washing a truck in the river

Local house - a step or two up economically from the homes interior. This is how I stop myself from being envious of the beautiful apartments or houses of the people around me in Dallas. I always think of the houses I used to go to my Indonesian church youth group meetings in, and remember that I am RICH. What was very acceptable, clean, and safe was just cement floors and walls with tin roofs, plastic couches and a few Chinese plastic decor items on the wall (the more garish they are, the better).

Local house

The road up to my old house. I used to drive this route daily on my motorbike.

And the road down from school, which is GORGEOUS at the "golden hour" when the sun is low and everything is brilliant.

Just an hour away, our favorite weekend getaway, Tanah Merah (red dirt) Beach (my own photo):

Picture 470

I LOVED taking Isaac to see my world:
Picture 444

This is my brother in his "natural habitat" ... our back yard.
From papua

Some of you that are from Papua will find this album fun - it's from Team Joshua, and uncle Barry is in some of the photos!

Also - this couple came to visit Uncle Wally and Aunt Joan and took a full series of photos of their visit.

Next week I'll feature photos of Papuan village life, which is an entirely different life.


Kaycee said...

What great pictures! Such a beautiful, green place. It's no wonder you get homesick. I could get used to living in a house like the second one pictured, but not the one on the river. I would be a nervous wreck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kacie, glad you liked my pics and put them to good use! :) (hobbes266)

Daniel Peckham said...

Hi Kacie, as a fellow MK from that part of the world, I stumbled upon this blog when searching for photos of Lake Sentani. I was recently there and took this photo from the air which I thought you might be interested in:

evan said...

it's so interesting that u name your blog papuagirlindallas, is just like u r so proud of it.

i grew in papua too..
glad to see your blog, (Y)

Kacie said...

Yes, I am so proud of growing up in Papua. It is stunningly beautiful and has some of the last untouched jungle in the world, as well as unique remote tribal cultures. It was wonderful to grow up there1

Marcelle said...

The hills around the lake are beautiful but I didn't know there's any way to reach the place? I'd love to.

anyway, so glad I found your blog. I grew up in Jayapura too and planning to comeback once I finish my study :)