Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Dallas Papua Get-together

The weekend:
Last night Isaac and I drove up to Plano to the Lion City Chinese restaurant, which is actually Singaporean and Malay food, and is the closest thing to Indonesian we can find. We met up with the Harmans and the Brantleys, both old friends from Indonesia that I don't see nearly as often as I should. It was fantastic. The ordering was a total adventure, just like ordering in Indonesia. At a certain point the owner (who did all the work in the whole place) told us we couldn't order any more, we'd ordered too much. Well ok then! We ended up staying for hours talking and laughing.

The boys, back in the day (I will save them public embarrassment and avoid pointing them out):

It's fun, because both Rick and Zach became personal friends my junior year of high school, after I came back from six months in the US. We were remembering that we had the same study hall that year. Zach was headed back to the same place I'd just left in the US, and he was so excited to go meet American girls. Lo and behold, he actually ended up dating my former next-door neighbor almost immediately, and they're married now. This was the first time I've seen her in 10 years, and we totally clicked, it was amazing.

But yeah, we think Zach and Rick and I had the same study hall in the last semester they were in Papua (2000), which was one of my best ever. The old song "Goodbye" by Plankeye really hit on the emotion we were all feeling about the impending separation for many friends, families, and relationships. Lots of us got emotional every time we heard it, and I was definitely a very emotional girl at that point and was really dreading that goodbye. Zach totally played that emotion and every day when he'd come into the computer lab for study hall, Rick and I and others would inevitably be working on yearbook and writing emails, and then Plankeye would start quietly playing from Zach's computer, at which point I would yell at him ... every time. Haha... what a brat! I love it that they remember those moments too.

A beach trip back in the day:

It's fun to get together with someone like Zach that I haven't really kept in touch with and to realize how much our lives were intertwined, and how much it feels like talking to my brother. I love it. All of us that were there last night had parents in the same organization, and we just told story after story.

A few of us a few weeks back, at Linda's wedding. It has almost been 10 years... unbelievable:

And, to add to the fun, today I went and took a long walk with my friend Sabri. Afterwards we found out we both had to go grocery shopping, and I told her I wanted to try one of the Mexican grocery stores. She didn't know what I was talking about, so I guided her there and she was just stunned. She's from Argentina, and she said, "YOU showed me this place?? You don't even speak the language! It's like if I showed you the closest Indonesian store!"

True! What can I say, I love to explore.

In any case, what a great weekend! I love hanging out with people.

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