Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the desk of a seminary student during finals week

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago on the evening of Isaac's last day of finals. He'd stayed up all night the night before - I woke up to him walking out the door at 7:30 singing with jubilation that he'd finished his final paper after 9 hours of work through the night.


This is his corner. He has a desk, but he rarely uses it. Ever since he got his laptop and we picked up this easy-chair one day after finding it beside a dumpster, he's made it his space. He reads there, writes papers, and in general lives life.

One one side, the remnants of some of the books he used in his paper. That's Karl Barth there, second from the top. Note also the Texas mug, which is, in my opinion, hypocrisy. First of all, he's only lived in Texas for two years, so he has no right to be all loyal. Secondly, no self-respecting Texan would drink English tea with cream as Isaac always does when he needs caffeine.

From spring 2009

And on the other side, a Greek New Testament (which Isaac can now read pretty easily) propped up on his handy little book-stand thing. Files and papers are piled in the corner, with a computer game awaiting the end of the semester so he can finally play at his leisure. And .... allergy meds, because for about two months of spring in Dallas, Isaac can't breathe out of his nose.

From spring 2009

So he's done, and at home without homework in the evenings, and we are both thoroughly relieved. It was time for a break. And summer.

Goodbye, Texas spring, good riddance to the endless rain of this past month!

From spring 2009


Jaimie said...

Omg, what computer game? You can't just drop the mention of a computer game and not tell us what!! *gamer*

Jaimie said...

Oh, those are my favorite kind of games too! I grew up playing Age of Empires, Sim City and Roller Coaster Tycoon. In the latter, you build and manage roller coaster parks (and roller coasters)... so fun when I was a kid.

Now my aunt has me going with World of Warcraft. Yeah. I played about 10 hours this weekend. X)

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

Kacie-Thanks for your idea & info on local refugees! I didn't know you were in Dallas-we're in Plano! You'll have to let me know what local organizations you recommend here-I'd love to get our church's Life Group involved, too!

Kaycee said...

Oh wow, that's some serious reading. He deserves hours of uninterrupted computer game time I think.

Annie Peterson said...

Ah, seen the Wayne Grudem book a million times. And Barth! noticed him in the pile, we definitely learned in that year at Eagles' Wings that Barth was Mr. Mann's favorite...

And, I love your comments about the tea in the Texas mug!