Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pros and Cons of Working from home

The roof blew off of part of my office complex over this past weekend. As a result, I am working from home. And yes, as of Tuesday when our work server went back up via a generator, we are all actually working.

What I love about working from home:

  1. No commute. I could stay in my PJs if I wanted (but I don't). It means I can do my own thing all the way until 9, without interruption.
  2. My own coffee, freshly brewed (right now - decaf Cafe Verona Starbucks, with a bit of cinnamon added in before brewing).
  3. My own music, played loudly to give me energy. In the office when I need music I put in my headphones and my neighbor (over a cube, we talk to each other without seeing each other) always thinks I'm ignoring her when I can't hear her over the music.
  4. Lunch. At home. Cooked on the stove, instead of the microwave.
  5. In general, I feel more organized and able to focus at home. I'm sure most people aren't like that, but I am.
The inconveniences of working from home:
  1. That couch looks awfully comfortable...
  2. ...But maybe it only looks comfortable because our office chair is ruined, so I am sitting at a folding chair that eventually gives me a backache.
  3. I can't go across the office and corner someone and make sure I get an immediate answer - people can hide from me more easily!
  4. In this situation, I don't have full access to my files, which is of course an inconvenience. If I worked at home full-time, this wouldn't be the case.
  5. Less accountability. Right now, this isn't a problem. I'm motivated and getting work done, and besides that people can still monitor my work via the project, emails, and calls that are going on. Still, I can see how this would be tough.

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Sturgmom said...

I owuld LOVE to work at home, but I do NOT think I have the discipline to pull it off. Good for you for staying organized!