Monday, May 4, 2009

A Dallas Storm Ripped the Roof off my Office

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Saturday night:
There is a massive storm with huge lightning and thunder and wind. Isaac and I watch a movie and revel in the energy and Gothic romance that a good thunderstorm creates. Meanwhile, Steph is terrified on the other side of town.

Sunday morning:
We tease Steph for being scared of storms in Dallas (she defends herself by saying storms in Dallas can lead to tornadoes which really do kill people and ruin things). (note - the photo on the left is not mine - it is from KevinAker's flikr photos).

Sunday afternoon:
I pick up a message my boss left me on my phone. He says the thunderstorm took off the roof of the office next to ours and the police have to inspect the building to make sure it's safe, so everyone has Monday off. I have to be honest - my first instinct is jubilation at an unexpected day off. I write a facebook status update about my jubilation.

Monday morning:
Isaac and I spend a fantastic morning reading and studying together (no seriously... between that and our increased viewing of c-span, our nerdiness is increasing exponentially).
More phone messages suggest that situation at my office is significantly more dire than I originally thought. We will probably be unable to go back to the office for the entire week. We have a two hours period in which the police will let us in to gather whatever things we can to work off-site the rest of the week. I am told to bring a flashlight.

Monday afternoon:
The police let me through the barrier and allow me to enter my office. I feel like I am in a childhood game of hide and seek in the dark as we all scurry around the office with our flashlights. Our board room had water pour through the ceiling, and insulation is all over the place. The accounting office is soaked, as are all of the files. The IT room has a generator blowing fans in an attempt to dry out the equipment. Water has seeped through several hallways and offices. In general, water hit the worst possible places that it could have hit.

I gather a pile of materials, thankful that my boss left this morning and my to-do list this week was very slim.

I join an office conference call via the resale store where I am turning in the garage-sale Armani suits. Turns out our servers are down and we won't have any access to email for at least two days, maybe more. This makes it significantly more difficult to work off-site. Finding contact information without our database is difficult. We discuss how to let people around the world know why we aren't responding to calls or emails. Without their email addresses, this is difficult. Still, the jokes fly and the team is upbeat and I'm impressed with their organization given the crisis. I feel like I'm overseas. Things like this aren't supposed to happen in America.

Monday evening:
I change my facebook status, feeling completely guilty that I was previously jubilant now that I know how many people are undergoing great stress and how much property damage there will be.
I also agree to allow AT&T to route ALL calls coming in to my office to go directly to my cell phone. This is potentially insane of me, but given that my work-load in the crisis is light, I figure this is my way to help.
I also realize that this is probably not going to help Steph's fear of storms one bit... and that this proves that her fear Saturday night was justified. ;)

The end.


Anonymous said...

not that I'm at all happy about what happened to your office, but YEAH! Justification feels good.
I wish I didn't have it, though, considering I live, what, a MILE away from your office?

Kaycee said...

Wow! That's crazy. I hope you guys are back up and running soon. My brother lives in Houston, when I spoke with him on Saturday night he said that he and his wife were using a new iPhone app to track the storm status. They weren't too worried, but were planning on staying indoors all weekend.

Jaimie said...

Wow. That's an adventure! I love variety like that... although it's crazy and distracting, too. Best of luck!