Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Week and Discovering Garage Sales

This week has had some highs and some lows. Or rather, I'd say it's been a tough week with a few bright spots.

- This week was the one year anniversary of the death of my friend, Mandy. Last year I wrote about it extensively - the blog world really helped me process my thoughts and emotions. This year, I hardly know how to think or feel. I almost feel like I don't have the right to grieve. I watch her closest friends and family from afar and I feel just weighed down by the depth of their loss, and I feel like I don't deserve to grieve since she wasn't in my daily life anymore, she won't be missing from my every family gathering. You know? Despite that, this week deep sadness would take me by surprise and overwhelm me. The memories - of her, of our friendship, of her life, of her friends and boyfriend and family, of last year when I found out... I guess it's just part of the grieving process.

- Work was hard this week, not sure exactly why. I struggle to be motivated, and that was reflected in my Friday post. Between that and a couple of other things that happened, I was just down for most of the week. Plus, Isaac is in the last two weeks of his semester at seminary, and it has been a very heavy work-load. We are both SO relieved it's almost over. He's been dealing with it well, but still... it's just busy. All in all, I was really glad when the weekend finally came around..

- I got up bright and early Saturday morning to try out garage sale shopping. I've been to garage sales before, but I've never done it intentionally, and there's so many bloggers that LOVE it that I was inspired to get up early, plan a route, and see what was available. It was so much fun! I'm a morning person, driving off in the cool morning air with a fun adventure planned was exciting. And, as was evidenced my Isaac's moan of despair later in the morning ("oh nooo... my wife has discovered garage sales..."), I pretty much scored. I came home with seven books (the 8th one in the pile is the one I won online last week) for a quarter each.

From spring 2009

And... a handful of cds, a small lamp for my bedside table, a pair of sandals, two shirts, three men's shirts for Isaac, and four women's suits. All for $20.

Here's the kicker. My side of Dallas has a lot of ridiculously wealthy people (at least by my standards) living in it. That is the perfect place to go garage saleing. I walked up to one sale and was looking at a sweater that was lovely and soft, and the lady walked up and told me it had a hole in it and I could have it for free. Aww... too bad, a hole. Useless.... or so I thought. I looked all over the shirt and finally found a tiny hole in one sleeve. I also realized at this point that it was 100% cashmere and name-brand. That's when I decided I should look hard at the clothes rack. I did... that's when I found the suits. When I looked harder at one suit, I realized it was an ARMANI suit. Armani. The lady told me the suits for $1 each. I think I almost passed out, right there.

So - I fully intend to re-sell two of those suits and make up of the $20 I spend at the sales, and more.

AND... it's spring in Dallas, and Richardson (where I was garage sale hopping) is filled with gorgeous spring wildflowers. Stunning. It has inspired me to post my own spring flower photos as my flikr photo post next week.


Jaimie said...

Go Isaac for rooting for Adam! YEAH ADAM.

Kaycee said...

Oh garage sales. I love them so much! You are in a great area for deals.

As for your friend, I know how you feel. Death always reaches me very deeply and I never quite know how to process it. Maybe send a note to the family to let them know how much your friend meant to you? If it were my daughter I would appreciate that.