Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Intentional Community Update

So ....
A month ago we moved in with a couple from our community group.
We were seeking community and cheaper rent.
We saw upsides and downsides and decided to go for it and were excited.
Most people are intensely curious about how this would all shake out.

So.... how's it been going?

Well, you should all know that Asher and Steph follow my blog (hi guys!), so it's not like you're getting an inside scoop that they're not getting. We've committed to being pretty open with each other, and we have a roomie dinner once a week in which we chat about how things are going and things we need to work on or address. It's great (today I was the chef and made Thai coconut soup).

Someone asked me today if there's anything unexpected that's come up or that has surprised us, and I can honestly say that at least so far the answer is no. We knew that we'd have less time for just Isaac and I and so we'd have to be intentional about getting away to spend time together or shutting the door to the bedroom if we needed to talk something out. We knew it'd we'd have to work out the details of cleaning and the responsibility for house stuff.... and we have....

So yeah, I really don't think there's been anything unexpected. It's been mostly great! I'm the busiest at the moment, since I have the most full-time job, but the other three have spent a lot of time swimming together in our pool, which has provided fun and excercize and tans (sorta - we're all really light skinned!). Isaac LOVES having people to swim with, since when I go I prefer sitting half in the water and reading a magazine to playing pool games.

I guess the biggest thing for me is just having people around. It sort of provides an extension on college life when you have people around you that are hanging out all the time. I don't know if this will last when the school semester starts, but it's fun to play games or watch movies together in the evening, to chat about the latest news or talk about what's going on in our lives. I have always had a tendency to become a recluse without intervention, even though I LOVE people. I'm just naturally reserved, so having Asher and Steph here means that I am spending time with people and getting to know them - sort of by force even though I love it. It means I'm given a chance to get over my awkwardness because for once I finally have a lot of TIME with people instead of being rushed during a once or twice a week hang out time.

Things start to get super authentic - to the point where Isaac and I are singing operatically while watching the dishes as the roomies laugh from the other room, or Asher and Steph have a hilarious discussion while we laugh at them. It's just FUN to get a chance to be with friends more often. That's community. That's what we're gaining.

There's plenty more to come, I think, as friendships deepen and we walk through life together for a while. We're also talking about how to reach out to our apartment community, which I'm excited about.


Jaimie said...

That sounds so fun! I know what you mean about loving to get to know people but not making time for it... It would be a blast to live with another couple like that. Maybe one day I will get to.

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated question, but I noticed you have lots of google ads now. Is it a product of blogspot or did you actually work out an ad deal? If so, that's really great and congrats!


Sturgmom said...

So glad it's going well!! I was once told that there are 4 phases to small group "life." Forming, storming, norming and performing. I'm sure you guys will weather any storms with love and grace! Enjoy!

Annie Peterson said...

It sounds like SUCH a great idea! I cannot wait to hear more about how it goes!