Thursday, June 11, 2009

tcks - in dance

This video is really interesting. It's a senior dance project done by a girl named Katherine Lung, and it puts the themes of tck (third-culture kid) life into dance. It's fascinating. I'm not a dancer and my exposure to the dancing world only goes about as far as watching So You Think You Can Dance, so I'm really no expert. It is so interesting to see how the body language and movements can express feeling and thought.

Katherine gathered interviews from tcks and overlayed sound snippets of those interviews in parts of the dance.


Niamh Griffin said...

Thanks for this video Kacie, it's really moving. Like you my dance education is pretty limited, but I loved the movement between the words, the music ( which reminded me of temples!) and the dance. I wrote a piece on TCK for Matador Travel, got some interesting comments, it'd be interesteing to know what you think? :)

Erin said...

Wow, thats beautiful. I was almost crying by the end (Dance does that to me sometimes, lol)