Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WE MOVED! And we now live with roomates.

It was sort of a crazy process we went from living in a half-packed apartment that looked like this:
From spring 2009

to a not-at-all-unpacked apartment that we ate dinner in like this:
From spring 2009

From spring 2009

That's all part of the fun, though. The actual moving was total craziness and we would have been lost without the help of our incredible community group, who helped us move TWO apartments and down and up multiple flights of stairs, in Texas summer heat. They're pretty much amazing, and I have to say that what has been on my mind since then is such a sense of gratitude that after long periods of loneliness after moving down here, we are surrounded by this amazing community group of friends.

From spring 2009

From spring 2009

The boys had quite a time figuring out angles and ways to transport the larger furniture up and down and around. My favorite is the last one, which was a moment when all movement stopped and they looked at each other like... what in the world are we going to do about this one? It all worked in the end with only minor bruising, soreness, and sunburn.
From spring 2009

From spring 2009

From spring 2009

So - we're moved! We're still working on selling some things and unpacking some things and trying to decide how to work out whose stuff goes where and what gets packed away in the living room and kitchen. It's happening, though, and we've managed to cook a few meals, play an apartment game of scattegories, and enjoy getting to know the two cats that our new roomates brought with them - Fatty and Stank. We think they like us better than Asher and Steph ;).
Many more adventures to come....


Sturgmom said...

Seeing those guys try to move the furniture always reminds me of that Friends episode where theay try to get the too-large couch up a skinny staircase. Hilarious!

Enjoy your new home and new roommates!

Steph said...

you stop that! they love us! LOVE! US!

Niamh Griffin said...

Congrats! That looks like a big move, I hate packing things up, it always takes ages longer than you'd think....hope you love the new place:)

Annette said...

Congrats!! That'll be us soon hopefully, finally leaving the apartment we've been in since moving to the US, and into a house again. Wooohooo!!!

weelass said...

Happy unpacking!

I didn't know you have a brother who has Downs Syndrome!

I am not really sure about herbs for Texas. I am pretty sure mint is pretty hardy anywhere. You just have to put it in its own pot because it will take over everything. Basil and oregano I think are hardy, too. Probably rosemary. I would guess cilantro since it is a Mexican herb. And parsely. You have to make sure you do not water cilantro and parsely from the top because the weight of the water will lay them to the ground and they will rot.

Jaimie said...

Congrats on moving!

Rae said...

The makeshift computer area reminds me of my "desk" while living with my brother last summer.

It is wonderful that you get the chance to be grateful for the help of friends after time being alone. My husband and I are just starting to really make friends after living here for almost a year, so I know a little of the alone feeling!

Annette said...

HI there Kacie! I got your comment, not sure how to reply to it, except by doing this...sorry, still new to this, help?????
Anyway, we moved to Houston in March this year, so we are still newbies to this whole expat thing. I found your blog on the expat site a while ago, and have been following you since then, though only publicly from the other day. I love your posts, they are encouraging! The YouTube video of Jon Schmidt you had the other day was great...I showed all my friends in SA. They too loved it! It's great to hear that others have gone through the whole living-in-a- new-country thing and lived to tell the tale :)