Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes - Our Four Year Anniversary

It's our anniversary! Or, it was yesterday, and today is the day we're celebrating. Four years of marriage and nearly seven as a couple , and I feel like I can really and truly sing with Brad Paisley, "Stronger then it's ever been..We've come so far since that day..and I thought I loved you then... but now you're my whole life... What I can't see is how I'm ever gonna love you more... But I've said that before..."

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I made a Starbucks run so that I could present my groom with an iced mocha for our anniversary morning, and I was greeted with the radio playing Christmas songs! Apparently 103.7 Lite FM is having Christmas in July today, and it is absolutely impossible to not be cheerful while "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas is playing".... at least, not until it's been playing for three weeks and you're trying to make your way through the mad December shopping crowds! In any case, Merry Christmas in July. :)

I just finished the book Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson. I wrote my review here, on my media review blog. It was really stunning (the book, not the review). Considering I picked it up because it won a Pulitzer and rave reviews from the media, I was shocked to find it a boldly Christian, quietly beautiful, and theologically intelligent book. It was funny to read blog reviews afterwards. Most people don't know what to do with it - they don't like it because they dislike the uncompromisingly Christian world-view (or perhaps the fact that it's a very reminiscing and non-plot driven book), but they begrudgingly recognize the beauty of the writing. Have any of you read it? Thoughts?

Last week I put up a plea on facebook and twitter for opinions and book referrals on the topic of vocation. When I say "vocation" I do not mean it as we often take it to mean to day, which is synonymous with "career". I mean it in it's literal and historical sense, meaning "calling". I was going to talk about it with our community group and have wondered about it for a long time as I struggled with deciding what to do with my life. Do we each have something in particular that we are "called" to do with our lives that we have to discern? If so, how to we discern it, and if not, what provides direction to our lives and careers? I did a lot of reading and research on it through some of the reformers and some modern perspectives, and it was really good. I've got to transfer my notes to my theology blog, and it'll go up next week.

Matthew Paul Turner
wrote the book Churched, which is a bitingly humorous look at growing up in a fundamentalist Baptist church. It's so ridiculous that it's rather painful to read. In any case, he has a blog, which may be too sarcastic for some people (it can be a little irreverent, but he uses his sarcasm to target the excesses of the evangelical world, which I can't complain about). This week he announced that he's actually going to have a sex therapist guest blog for him, and he asked for anonymous questions about sex. It's pretty interesting to see the comments and questions come it... and to be honest it's refreshing to see people talk honestly.

Ahh! I love So You Think You Can Dance! This week there was a pretty incredible dance that was meant to symbolize the struggle with breast cancer. Every one of the judges was in tears, and it really was rather raw and beautiful. HOWEVER, it got the two dancers through another week, which meant that one of the three much more talented female dancers got kicked off. Jeanette is gone. Tragedy. In other media news, I put up my reviews of Before Sunrise, Changeling, and Bride Wars. Before Sunrise was on a list of the best romance movies of all time, and I'd never heard of it before. It was really interesting.

I love my family. I've been uploading videos from Christmas overseas, including a video from our Christmas cookie decorating day. I love the hilarious Chipmunks music in the background, the fact that we are having real chai with our Christmas cookies (we had it ever day over there!) that Matt is singing off-key in the background, and mostly that we are all together. I have more videos to come, except they are less family and more - "woah I can't believe I'm actually experiencing this, I've never been in a culture like this before!"



Alice said...

I loved Gilead. What a gentle, thoughtful book. Definitely one to savor--I want to pick it up again next year and reread.

Misty said...

Hi! I hopped over from Conversion Diary when I saw another Dallas girl. I just finished reading "Home", also by Marilynn Robinson and with some of the same characters in Gilead, I understand. It was excellent. I can't wait to read Gilead as well, and would definitley recommend Home.

Jaimie said...

I started Gilead and put it down one-third of the way through because I realized it had no plot and felt like I'd gotten the gist of it by that point. You know? It was beautiful, but I didn't have any reason to keep going... just not my style. But the prose was stunning, obviously.

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrated our 4th on July 9th. I just found your blogs through Conversion Diary and am interested to read more.

Troy said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!!!

The Chipmunks made that scene surreal and really fun and joyous, hahaha Your family are great.

Bethany said...

Happy Anniversary!! :)