Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Commence a rant and rave

I got annoyed yesterday when (yet again - I have a lot of obama-haters among my friends) someone angrily and vehemently proclaimed on facebook that Obama is the worst President ever and all who voted for him to be idiots.

Because you know - there's not a lot of room for discussion in that statement. I personally would like it revised to say that Obama is directly opposed to that particular individuals political persuasions, and therefore his Presidency is bothering the heck out of her, and she simply can't agree with those who voted for him. That'd be fair enough. I voted for him, and I would again, and although I haven't always agreed with Obama, he has pretty much been what I expected him to be politically. Then this morning U.S. News and World Report had an article about the controversy over Obama's birth certificate (they don't agree with the accusations, just reporting on the situation), and the comments after the article were just completely ridiculous and infuriating. The amount of people that have questioned his ability to be loyal to America simply because he grew up in Indonesia.... oh man.

I just got annoyed again when a conservative Catholic blogger that I follow posted the video of the dancing wedding entrance that has gone viral and said it was absolutely the most sacrilegious wedding entrance ever. The following comments agreed and went on to discuss how absolutely horrible it was and how they'd never allow it in their children's weddings. I put in my brief comment to say - and it's so horrible because dancing is completely anti-God or anti-church? What about that dance was so irreverent? It was a wedding, they were still saying their vows... it was just an unconventional entrance! I don't know, I just do NOT understand the condemnation of it. They didn't condemn the dancing itself, they simply said it should have been left for the reception. I don't know - the wedding Jesus changed water into wine at most certainly had dancing... that's the way of Jewish weddings.

There was something else that annoyed me but I've already forgotten it in the face of the new annoyance.

Oh, but while I'm at this whining and complaining thing, I may as well say that I do understand the draw to the shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and I do occasionally watch them, but it still makes me mad to see love and marriage portrayed the way they are. The idea that two people would be making a wise decision to spend the rest of their lives together because they've dated for a few weeks (in a very non-real life situation, while also dating other guys) have slept together and are clearly very infatuated with each other..... is ridiculous AND unhealthy for the women that watch.

End rant.


Alida said...

I love your rant! I too am feeling the need to rant about the Obama haters. I voted for him too but there are days when I feel like my salvation will be called into question for doing so!

Mason said...

I can sympathize quite a bit with your rant Kacie, as well as Alida’s comment.

My political/social beliefs have undergone some significant shifts over the last few years, which led to me voting for Obama.

The resulting flack I received was pretty disheartening.

He’s not perfect, and I disagree pretty strongly with him on some issues (abortion being the touchy one). But how people can argue that the Republican ticket was representing Christian values and I was voting against God is beyond me.

Because of the healthcare debate I’ve noticed an uptick in the anti-Obama rhetoric and hostility towards people who support him. Honestly I’m frustrated by the debate because he’s not going far enough. I think a single payer system which covers everyone is the way to go.

Call is socialism if you want, but the horror stories from other nations are just a scare tactic. I know people in Canada and the UK and they all like that system far more than we like ours.

And, just to end my own little rant, before someone insists we have ‘the best healthcare in the world’ please explain how if that is true why we pay more, live sicker, and die earlier than any other industrialized nation?

Kacie said...

Seriously. About the healthcare thing, I totally agree. Isaac grew up in England and my best friend is there now. They can't BELIEVE how much we pay for basic healthcare. In fact, a Sudanese refugee from my bus told me she can't believe how much it costs her to go to the doctor for a cold - she can get free basic healthcare in Sudan!

So yeah... we do NOT have the best healthcare in the world. In Chicago Isaac badly burned his foot. We had good insurance through one of the largest providors in the country. They told us they didn't cover ANY burn specialists in the city of Chicago. None. RIDICULOUS. One of the biggest cities, a huge providor, and they won't cover our needs.

Even if socialized healthcare isn't the answer, what we have sucks.

Jaimie said...

Agreed about the healthcare.

Also I adored the wedding dance... partly because I knew it would piss off stupid people who clearly don't understand what a wedding is about, and there's something very "Jesus" about that (pissing off stupid people who clearly don't understand what something is about...).

Pharmgirl said...

Gonna stay away from the Obama stuff right now because I don't discuss politics before 7 AM and it's only 6:30 where I live. :)

About the wedding dance: A lot of Catholics are very caught up in the idea of church being a solemn occasion and treating it with appropriate seriousness. And I agree with that to a certain extent; after all, worshipping God is serious business, seeing as how He created the universe and everything. You also have to understand that the Catholic liturgy has changed DRAMATICALLY over the last 40 years, and a lot of more conservative folks are not happy about the changes (to put it mildly).

At the same time, I think that we're missing some of the exuberance Protestants have in worship. Ever heard a black Gospel choir? It's hard not to dance when one of these groups is on stage. And praising God should be a joyful business, seeing as how He created the universe and everything.

To a certain extent I get what the haters were saying; a wedding is a lifetime commitment and our society has lost some of the seriousness of that. But a wedding is also a joyful occasion, and God love that wedding party for being so joyful!

Troy said...

King David danced through the streets of Jerusalem. Was that so wrong? lol

And yeah, the wedding at Cana.

Having moved a little out of my immediate family's orbit, I am not getting the Fox News-conservative Evangelical take on things and it's so nice not to have to defend every single thing I believe, and indeed defend my faith and Christianity. Especially now, as I know that Obama is considered the anti-Christ, or at least a bogeyman (or non-American-antiAmerican-secret Mulism-socialist-atheist-lying-policehating-AfricanAmerican-reverse racist.