Thursday, July 30, 2009

days that feel like memories

Isaac used to tease me when I would get together with my family or my closest friends. Everything we did was "to make a memory". He thought that was silly - why make the present the past before it has to be?

This video is quietly beautiful.

April (For Pittsburgh) from Mothlight Creative on Vimeo.

That video was made by a guy I went to college with, though I never really knew him. The filmaker's description of the video struck me: "To me this piece is about days that feel like memories as they're happening, which is why I liked those moments."

Days that feel like memories. Those are the things that jumped out at me while I read Gilead (which I talked about here). It was infused with a quiet beauty in every day moments. In high school I was constantly struck by the tiniest things that were beautiful. Life was beautiful. I breathed it in.

I suppose part of it is growing up and part of it is being in the consumer-driven Western world, but feel like I sometimes totally forget about the little things. Over the past few weeks I've intentionally looked and soaked in LIFE. I will sit in my car for a few minutes before heading in to the office and just marvel at the clouds, the light, and the strains of music on my radio. In the morning I marvel at the shadows and sunshine in the bedroom and the feeling of morning. At night I marvel at Isaac's arm thrown over me - that it should be the arm of my husband, the one that I deeply love. Last night I was awakened by thundering and pounding rain and lightning. I laid there marveling at the power and beauty in the moment.

When I stop to soak in life, it begins to feel like a memory, even as I experience it. I like it that way.


Erin said...

That's a really beautiful way to put it. It's something I want to do everyday too.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Wow! I loved that... it's amazing how much taking something out of its context makes you more aware of its beauty.

Thank you for the observations about living a memory! The present becomes the past so quickly, it makes the passage a little easier actually when you're more deliberate about the memories you want to be able to have.

This Heavenly Life said...

Goodness, that was beautiful. What a great reminder :)