Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Visit!

Last week my family came back to the US after two years overseas, and they spent their first weekend here in Dallas with us. I wrote a lot about the goodbyes I was watching my sisters were going through, leaving a place they'd learned to love. It was SO GOOD to have them HERE. To hug them goodnight for real instead of just sending it over skype across continents

It's strange being the oldest sometimes. I'm 10 years older than my sister:
From Summer 2009

and 12 years older than my brother (who his goofing off for Isaac):
From Summer 2009

My memories of my family growing up includes little kids running around while I was packing bags for college. So now here I am at 26, watching my sisters go through the same things. I feel like I'm halfway between a sister and a mom, and the roll is strange. I was a little too old to fight with, but certainly not too old to boss them around. I was their hero in some ways, the big sister in high school and college, made way cooler in their minds than I really was. On the other hand, I was just a kid myself, really, and an awfully insensitive one at that.

So you know, having my growing and grown up siblings around is SOO good, because we're constantly playing catch up and building friendships as equals, as sisters that tease and talk and hug and KNOW that we love each other. I LOVE my family. Passionately. I consider it my charge to love them in whatever way I can - to support them, cheer them on, and sometimes just weep with them.

It was cool for them to see our lives here in Dallas, since they've been overseas since we moved here. Here's Mom and Dad and Matt as Isaac gives them a tour of his seminary and Matt attempts to find their last hometown on the globe:
From Summer 2009

And... my friend Emily who came and lived with us in Indonesia for the last semester before Em and I graduated from high school came over from Fort Worth. We looked at wedding pictures, caught up on lives, and watched old home videos from overseas. It was so fun to watch them with people that think they are as hilarious as I do! I just love that the boundaries of my family expanded to bring in a number of our friends who call my parents surrogate parents and my parents are glad to call them surrogate children. My parents are pretty much amazing...

From Summer 2009

And there's Matt. I'm going to write more about him later because it's been tough to watch him struggle as he enters adolescence. It's tough on everyone. Luckily.. .it's a stage. Matt and Isaac were together the whole weekend - Matt thinks Isaac is the height of coolness.

From Summer 2009

And me? I just love my little brother, and I love that he loves to goof around and have fun.

From Summer 2009

And... here's a tiny snippet of a video of the entire family together making Christmas cookies overseas in December.


Jaimie said...

Aw, you have a nice family. Gotta say though... I detest that Christmas CD. Haha. :P I don't understand why it's such a hit!

~ Jan ~ said...

Great that they visited. :)

Bethany said...

Aw, what a sweet family you have. I understand the sibling thing as I am the oldest of 7. The youngest just turned 9, and she was 2 when I moved out of the house- but we're really close! :) It must have been so nice to see your family!