Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh, Oh, the Places I Go

As I've looked for photos for other posts over the last couple of weeks, I've seen old photos of places I've been and have been astounded all over again at the places I've seen. This first photo is of me and classmates in high school, dancing with the villagers during a school trip. We danced for hours and it was incredible.

My friend Max Grubb (or rather, my sister's friend), took these photos of a Papuan ceremony, and I'm reminded that I'm incredibly lucky to have seen and grown up around a culture as unique as this:

AND... not only is the culture unique, the island is BEAUTIFUL.

Picture 470

I saw this photo and thought.. WOW... how surreal is the countryside behind me? This is on a work trip Isaac and I took to Cyprus, where we led a youth program and took two days to tour ancient Greek ruins... it was AMAZING.

And then... my in-laws and one of my best friends live in England, so I get to do things like this, and step right over the Prime Meridian:

or see the Houses of Parliament on a weekend trip:

And my crazy family lives in crazy places overseas, which means at Christmas we all gathered here in Lahore, Pakistan:

We attended a wedding, and this photo is in a dusty corner of a biblical-looking village courtyard where my sisters and I attended a bride's henna ceremony. The intensity of the whole thing led me to nearly hold my breath in disbelief the entire time - I couldn't believe I was actually experiencing what I was experiencing!

The bride's henna ceremony - women only

decorating the bride's feet

It was some INCREDIBLE, once in a lifetime sightseeing. And we spent several days in a crumbling beach house hunting for sea turtles and riding camels.

And I LIVED here, in the beautiful city of Chicago, for six years. I took this photo myself on a frigid winter night, in an attempt to capture the view I'd fallen in love with.


My family's American home is Denver, Colorado, which means trips to the Rocky Mountains, which is in my opinion the geographical highlight of the USA.

Picture 091


I'm not going anywhere this summer (most likely), and I'm okay with that, because I am lucky beyond my wildest dreams to have gone the places I've been to in the past!


Scott said...

Truely amazing travels. You and your family have seen much.
I was chatting with one of my girls yesterday and discussing your blog and how much we enjoyed it. She admonished me for not letting you know that I've been reading it. I must admit that it is one on my Reader and I enjoy knowing your heart. Keep it up.
Got to see your parents early in the week. So good to see them and to learn just a bit of the incredible work God is doing.
Our best to you and Isaac.

This Heavenly Life said...

Those photos are amazing! I can't believe how many places you've been - and the cultures you've witnesses. Wonderful.

Annie Peterson said...

Those are some amazing stories to have!!

jane said...

wow! that was amazing! thanks for the tour! your photography is absolutely beautiful! i know in an above post you stated you had no idea what you were going to do with your life... have you thought about photography?...! happy day!

Bethany said...

Wow, it looks like you've definitely had some amazing travels!! The pictures are just breath-taking!