Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Matt's first track meet

Matt, my little brother with Downs Syndrome, started public school last week (which really freaked me out). I talked to him and my mom on the phone yesterday and he was SO so excited about his track team and their track meet his past week. Mom said that initially the other boys were awkward around him and weren't sure how to interact, but mid-week something clicked in place and suddenly they all just started having a blast together, and were all okay with the fact that Matt was different.

So - at the meet this week they ran a mile and a half. Well... Matt isn't a very fast runner. Mom tried not to be overprotective so she watched him drag behind the rest of the pack but didn't follow him. The second time she saw him, a dad and his daughter had joined Matt on the track and were running with him and cheering him on. The third time Mom saw him, some of the other boys that had already finished the race had joined Matt and were also running with him and cheering him on.

From T-Mobile Pictures

Mom said by the end of the race, 20 teammates were by his side as he victoriously raised his hands and ran over the finish line. Mom said she stood there with tears streaming down her face. How cool is that? Totally on their own accord, 20 little 8th grade boys went to run with their last-place Downs Syndrome teammate. I'm sure God was up there just laughing with glee at that beautiful sight!

Whew. I get a little teary just thinking about it! I love... when people love my brother.


Jaimie said...

Wow, what a wonderful thing to happen! The world can be really beautiful sometimes.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

:) Sounds beautiful and uplifting... I'm so glad you shared the story.

Erin said...

Wow, thats so great! God is so good!

weelass said...

That's so sweet! I teared up when I read that.