Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Note From My Apartment Complex Part II

A couple of months ago I presented an unbelievably snarky note from our apartment office to all of us residents. Yesterday we got one that might even beat the last one. *shakes head* The level of sarcasm is amazing - totally demeaning to all the people that are PAYING them to live here!


Why are you drinking beer in the parking lot and leaving bottles all over the place?

Could it be:
1) You drank so much you can't find your apartment?
2) You drank so much you are afraid to be in your apartment and can't find the door to get out?
3) Your mommy won't let you drink in your apartment?
4) There are leprechauns in your apartment that steal your beer?

Or could it be that:
5) Your just inconsiderate of your neighbors and raised without manners or respect for your neighbors and community. If that is the case we can help teach your manners by charging you $100 for each time you leave bottles outside and litter the community. "Party On" and clean up after yourself. Keep it cool and clean for your neighbors.


Kacie said...

Hispanic or white - that's the only ethnicities in the office, and we aren't sure which of them actually writes the notes, tho we do have a suspicion!

Niamh Griffin said...

Wow! That's a hardcore note.. though I did laugh at the idea of leprechauns drinking beer all the way over in Dallas. Maybe he/she meant gremlins??

thegypsymama said...

Oh my gosh - HY-STE-RI-CAL!! I am laughing so hard - leprechauns? really? Makes me think I need to go and dig around to find the note all the residents in our South African townhouse community once got about picking up after dogs. Yes, really need to go and find that one!

weelass said...

That is incredible! After reading the letter I think we have a good idea of who is lacking respect for neighbors and community.

Clare said...

What does being asian have to do with anything.

Anyway, if people are littering and pissing other people off, fair enough of them to send a letter out to the residents. Could have been written more professionally though.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

That's really funny... sounds like they're playing up the entertainment value as well as trying to make a point. But yeah, they lose points for the passive aggressive aspect lol

Sturgmom said...

So are they going to put someone out there on watch to see who is leaving the beer bottles all around or are they just going to divide the fines up between all the residents. Sounds like an empty passive-aggressive threat to me.

Kacie said...

thing is, I've never seen any beer bottles around!

Jaimie said...

"What does being asian have to do with anything."

What does saying what does being asian have to do with anything have to do with anything.