Wednesday, September 30, 2009

White House Photostream



That would be the bi-racial but thought of as black President of the USA playing with his Canadian bi-racial but perceived as Chinese niece during their family vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Crazy. The President's family certainly looks different than any family we've ever had in the White House and Martha's vineyard before!

These are all from the Official White House Flikr Photostream which I discovered thanks to Eugene Cho's post this morning.

Some of the other photos caught my eye as well, for instance the one below - Obama playing b-ball with some White House staffers. You think the other guys are playing their best or is there an element of - I really don't want to steal the ball from the President!


And this one, which made me chuckle becuase Hillary actually looks genuinely happy and that hardly ever happens:


And this one (below), which I'm putting in for bragging rights because I have been to the Oval Office and the West Wing of the White House. That's right. My Uncle's Uncle once worked there and so we got a private tour at night, which included bumping into the secretary of state, hearing all sorts of White House funny stories, and marveling at the itty bitty size of the guy's bathroom compared to the women's powder room.



Alice said...

These are so cool!

Annette said...

Real good photos!

Lauren said...

Reading about the devastation in Indonesia. Is everyone you know okay? ~ L

Kacie said...

Yeah, I think so. Almost everyone I know is on the other side of the country - poor Sumatra has been run through the ringer the last 10 years!