Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why I love Chi-town - Pictures from our summer visit!

I know, I know, I wrote all about the trip to Chicago and already posted photos. But wait, dear readers, I only posted pictures of friends and family. I love pictures and photography, so be assured that I took plenty of pictures of the city I love.

This one was taken as we were RUNNING across the street, trying to get to our dinner meeting downtown on time. I know, it's just a city-scape. The buildings, the streets, etc. Before I started college in Chicago I never knew a simple city-scape could be beautiful, but after six years there I absolutely do. Chicago is a gorgeous city. To the left you see the shiny bottom of the Trump Tower, Donald Trump's new addition to the Chicago skyline.
From Summer 2009

An hour or so later, we were waiting under the el downtown for the rest of our dinner gang (who were an hour late). I love the city bustle at night as well... and ironically I feel very safe there, even if I am not actually safe. I think it's mostly that I am so familiar with where I am that I feel under control.

From Summer 2009

Navy Pier is a tourist trap, but it's also gorgeous. This is the family eating lunch on the end of the pier. We were watching the planes from the Air & Water Show fly by, but also enjoying the Turkish Festival inside the Navy Pier Grand Ballroom. It was one of the coolest ethnic festivals I've seen in the city, so that was a cool find. Below are a bunch of the dignitaries from former Ottoman countries that were at the festival.

From Summer 2009

And the sweet little ladies that were rolling out dough to be fried and sold fresh and warm. DELICIOUS.

From Summer 2009

From Summer 2009

Turkish Folk Band playing on the Pier - it was pretty impressive. It's hard to think of things that I love more than cool ethnic stuff right in front of the gorgeous Chicago skyline. I was totally content. :)

From Summer 2009

Genghis Khan?
From Summer 2009

The crowds watching the Air & Water show from the beach:

From Summer 2009

Chicago is filled with Italian food, more than I realized until I can now compare it to Dallas. Italian ice to cool off the crowds:

From Summer 2009

Taken from the highway out the car window... *hums "My Kind of Town" softly*

From Summer 2009

How many hours of my life have been spent waiting for the el train from this Chicago brown line platform? This wasn't too sad of a goodbye because I knew I'd be back in October to work for the missions conference at Moody... which I am SUPER excited about.

From Summer 2009


Sturgmom said...

I've never been to Chicago, but I've heard it's a fabulous city!

Togenberg said...

Chicago is a great city! Okay I hate the Sox, the Cubs, the Blackhawks, the Bulls and the Bears (esp the Bears). But my hatred just proves that it's a great city, my passion has a lot of respect mixed in. They are a worthy enemy. haha Seriously though Chicago is a real city, with real nieghborhoods, not some postmodern amorphous sprawl without a real city center. It's alive.

Jaimie said...

Awesome. I love a good city. It gives me energy.

I did the book meme on my blog.

Alice said...

Ahhhh, the brown line. How I miss you. (Well, sort of.)

Annette said...

Hey, thanks for the encouraging comment you wrote on my last post! It's funny, just the other say I was reading a devotional of Charles Spurgeon, and he was talking about hardships (of anysort) bringing the christian closer to his God, it's one time when the only place you can run to is into His Arms. Especially when you are lonely. It touched me so deeply, and I'm still taking it in, it's so true! And as hard as these times are, I just have to remember that God is always with me, my ever present help!
Thanks for the encouragement!!

Annie Peterson said...

It's so great to leave somewhere knowing you'll be back soon!

Erin said...

Hmmm your bringing back memories that I find hard (as in painful) to remember...I absolutly adore Chicago-when I first left I could smell it and see it in my dreams...try really hard not to think to much about it and my time there, sniff now I am missing all you dear Moody souls-grrr Kacie! That post you did a while back on remembering-totally feeling that now!
Love ya girl