Friday, October 16, 2009

Being back on campus, four years later

I have spent this whole week in Chicago representing my office at a conference held at my alma mater. I've been staying on campus with my sister and marveling at the reminder of what college life is like. Even when they PLAN to go to bed "early", there's so much going on, so many people to talk to, so much drama... "early" never really happens! The girls dorm is such a crazy place with so much energy... so funny.

The first night I was here I got in on about three dramatic boy stories from girls on the floor, which just made me laugh because it's just so great - I don't think it's crazy at all, I remember what that was like!

It's also beautiful to sit in sessions and chapel times, even though some are boring or dry, it's so fun to sing with the students, to hear gospel choir, to fill Torrey Gray with praise. Beautiful. What I absolutely love about being in the college atmosphere is that it is filled with activity and dreams and hope. So much vitality. It's exciting.

On the other hand, there is very little rest, and between having little rest and having tons of activities, students slowly wear down to total exhaustion, sometimes near breakdown. I used to leave school and sleep for about two days before finally being able to face the world again. I'm reminded of that here.

It's a little crazy to me how many people I know around here. Part of it is that Isaac and I stuck around the city and continued to host groups of students in our home, and we also got to know our sisters' friends. A bunch of other people are like me, returning as representatives and alumni. Some people are just coming through - it's so surreal to sit in Commons and still see familiar face after familiar face. And of course there's the Profs, which is the most fun of all to me. Yesterday I got to have two good chats with old professors that I highly, highly respect and who remembered me (amazing!).

Oh, there you go, as I speak another guy from my generation is walking across the plaza as I watch from the second floor of the ASC. Oh, and there's another. See what I mean? It's so strange. A time warp.

The conference just ended and I'm heading out to the burbs tonight to spend the night with my dear friend Ana, and then tomorrow I head home. I've loved this trip. I love Chicago, even though it's rainy and cold - it's fun to get a colorful taste of fall, especially since I'm returning back to warm Texas! It's fun to see my sister's life. It's fun to wander the streets and breath in the familiarity that I value so much.

And it will be good to go home to Isaac, because nothing is quite so fun when he's not there. :)

One of the profs I chatted with yesterday counseled Isaac and I in the midst of the lowest point of our dating years. We were about to break up, and went to him to get advice in one last ditch attempt to see if there was any way to save the relationship. Dr. Sauer's listened to both of us together and separately and gave us simply, invaluable advice that really redirected and gave SO MUCH hope and relief to us. It was fun to tell him that YES, we did get married, yes, marriage has been amazing, and yes, he treats me well. Dr. Sauer beamed and told me to tell Isaac he was so proud of him.

Me too. It's hard to get any sort of perspective when you're in college and dating and can't see the future and everything seems so uncertain, but man... I'm ever so glad that God guided Isaac and I to each other.

He's my favorite.

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thegypsymama said...

Gosh I love that. It's amazing how being in a certain place can take you back so powerfully to a certain moment. My husband was just at my Alma Mata last week and he came home full of memories he wanted to relive with me. Geography is an incredible thing.