Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Isaac vs. Kacie and the ongoing "conversation" about food

I think since we were married (or maybe even before), Isaac and I have been in a constant discussion/debate/argument over food.

Isaac and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Me and a Turkish Kebap

I grew up a little island that had to wait for months between shipments of cheddar cheese. My mom had to make her own peanut butter. Most people around ate rice for every meal, tons of green veges, and a lot of fish. Or, if you lived in the highlands... sweet potato.

All that healthy food affected me. Turns out I like it. Give me some sauteed spinach and fish and I'm a happy camper. Fruit is like candy to me. In fact, on top of growing up where I did, I have a mother with an MA in exercise physiology. She knows what's healthy and fed us accordingly. It was balanced by my dad who could live on peanut butter, dark chocolate, popcorn, and Dr. Pepper, but generally our eating patterns were formed by my mom.

Dallas Farmers Market

That's me - I'm not a health freak. I love desserts. I never diet. But still - I fix a vegetable with every meal, I hate nearly all fast food restaurants, I ignore candy, I eat pretty small portions and then snack if I'm hungry. I think I'm normal. However, I think I'm sort of a normal healthy food person.

Then there's Isaac. I think maybe he's normal too, just a normal junk food/fast food lover. We shopped at a super cheap discount store last weekend and he went and picked out a bunch of things to eat this week. Fish sticks. Two bags of chips. Frozen juice pops. A box of cookies. Frozen pizza poppers. Canned soup. Oh, and tamales.

Hmm. This is what is going on internally for me: "Fish sticks? The ratio of actual fish to carbs and oil is NOT good. Then there's all the oil and salt in those chips. The problem with the cookies is that he might eat them all in a day or two. Pizza poppers = totally unnutritious. Canned soup is high in sodium. Tamales are delicious but chances are these frozen ones are made with lard...yeck....."

Yes, you might be thinking now, wow... what a nagging #$&*@. Luckily, I didn't say any of it (okay, admittedly because I didn't want to have to cook most of this week!). My mind analyzes food but I'm pretty much willing and happy to each crap sometimes so long as we have good stuff other times. Problem is, Isaac would probably be happy to eat crap all the time. And he'd probably tell you that himself if you asked him.

It's not that he's totally unhealthy, he's not. He likes healthy food, but he doesn't gravitate towards it, he just eats it if it's put in front of him. So... in our marriage I'm totally the chef, mostly because if I don't cook we'd go out to eat, and if the boy gets to pick off the menu it's never a good thing. Last night I put sauteed zucchini, a pork chop, and a baked potato in front of him and he loved it. However, if left to his own devices he would have had taco bell with a large DP. And if he's given something like pizza or a buffet he considers it a moral imperative to eat as much as he can physically fit into his body.

*dramatic sigh*. I just know that when we're 80 we'll still be arguing over whether or not ice cream should be added to the grocery list or disagreeing over whether we should eat out at Jack in the Box or a cool ethnic spot (always my fav).

Some delicious local Vietnamese !

It's one of those things we laugh at each other about and know we'll probably never change (I will never think it's healthy to get three refills on Dr. Pepper during one meal!), we just keep on "discussing" it every time we go shopping or eat out. Discussing. Not nagging or fighting, because it's done with a tinge of humor and being totally okay with throwing our hands up in the air and giving in.... again.

Do ya'll have the same dynamics in your marriage/food relationships?


Amy said...

I think it is funny that you say you will continue "discussing" - what is his argument for eating that way? Apart from pleasure, there is no real leg to stand on when it comes to junk food.

Having said that, you will probably be surprised to know that the roles are reversed in my marriage. For the most part (with the occasional exception) my husband rejects junk food. Whereas, as much as I try to hate it, I just like pizza and chips and McDonald's and soda and CRAP. I wish I didn't, but I do. :(

So I sympathize with your husband, even as I agree with you!

Kacie said...

hah! Mostly his arguement is - I want taco bell, and I want Dr. Pepper, so who cares what's healthy? He knows what's healthy, it's just a matter of actually CARING. ;)

Jaimie said...

I got to eat some of that local stuff in Singapore. It was pretty good. Of course, they DID have a lot of fried food... But a lot of vegetables too. And a LOT of walking, so.

Your husband is just.... in grad school. :P

Kacie said...

Hah... wanna bet Jaimie? He's not changing after he finishes! ;)

You're right though, especially in the cities it seems like everything is fried! I guess I feel like just eating regular food (without having to be super vegan organic health freak) exposes you to a certain amount of fat and sodium and oil and sugar and all that ... and I'm okay with that. I just like it in manageable doses!

Togenberg said...

Your husband is such a guy, such a grad student.

I was probably worse though I played soccer, biked and etc. Now, I don't smoke, eat not as bad yet don't exercise much and am in much worse shape all around. Need to find that middle ground.

Togenberg said...

p.s. I couldn't live without Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese. I could live without Indian food but not well.

Jaimie said...

You know what I miss? Milo in restaurants. Milo, period. (Haha, off topic, but I had to tell you that!)

I first met Milo in Australia... and then in Singapore they served it without milk, and I like it much better that way. Plus, in every restaurant practically? Heck yes.

Jaimie said...

(I know you weren't in Singapore, but you were in the AREA. :P )

Alice said...

My husband's family is from the South. Absolutely no concept of healthy food. None. Their idea of healthy eating is KFC because, and I quote, "it's chicken."

Kacie said...

As is Isaac's. His mom is a FANTASTIC chef though, sometimes too good in fact! To the point that Isaac thinks homemade bread is normal.