Monday, October 5, 2009

My Sweet Grama's 80th Birthday Reunion

Isn't my grama just the cutest? Here she and Grampa are with the grandkids that made it to the surprise party (missing five grandkids, three step-grandkids, and two grand-kids in law!):

From childhood

It was such a FUN time. We road-tripped up to Wichita with my cousin that I haven't seen in years, and met up with more extended family. One of the drawbacks of growing up overseas is that the community overseas sort of replaces your extended family. That's not always true, but for me I only saw my cousins and aunts and uncles every 2-4 years, and always struggled to relate because my life was SO different than theirs. It's good coming in as a married adult now - my insecurities don't play on me as much, even though I still feel the differences created by growing up in another culture!

As you can see, the aunts and uncles (my dad on the left) are eagerly getting caught up:

From childhood

and so are the cousins - I can't believe how grown up everyone is!:
From childhood

I love this one - Matt and Josh having a stare-down, except Matt things stare-downs are about not smiling rather than not dropping eye-contact. He certainly wins at the not-smiling, though - he takes it VERY seriously:

From childhood

and the adults watching the stare-down:

From childhood

My mom (in purple) is so classy. And my grandparents are just so sweet! Grama is just your classic grama and we totally surprised her by all showing up from out-of-state. She was just tickled that everyone came for her, and my grampa was pretty confused about the whole thing, but they both just ate up having family around. We had an even bigger party that night with even more extended family, and lots of funny cards and gifts.

Grama was opening a present from her sister and said, "Now Kathy, we don't do birthday presents anymore!" and aunt Kathy said, "Well when you turn 80 we do, because who knows if you'll be around next year!" They both laughed and I chuckled... I guess at 80 a morbid joke like that actually is funny? Lol... never know.

All in all, a great weekend!


This Heavenly Life said...

What a fun surprise! As the hearer of that morbid joke, how did *you* react? I always get uncomfortable in those situations, not sure to join in with laughter, or just look away for fear of having them think I'm thoughtless. But when you're old...I guess you get a license for that sort of thing :)

Kacie said...

Yeah I know - I cracked up at them - that they think it's funny is funny to me! In general we were all laughing at everything, though, so the atmosphere was very lighthearted.