Wednesday, October 14, 2009

nike shorts and ugg boots

I learned a lot at the Sr. High student ministries retreat for my church that I was a counselor for this weekend. For instance, this is a conversation that I heard from my girls at breakfast Sunday morning:

"Did you see so-and-so? He's wearing the blue camp t-shirt with RED shorts?" *gasp of shock from the girls*

"Oh, and whats-his-name is wearing sweatpants with TENNIS SHOES!" *communal horror*

"I just do NOT understand boys' sense of style. I mean, they'll wear like hunter green with navy blue!" *everyone shakes their head in disbelief*

I looked around at my girls (all freshman) and thought... I must be from a different planet. To me, blue and red go together, and what else would you wear with sweatpants but tennis shoes? It was a bit of a revelation. I am old. I am too old to understand fashion, apparently, because I totally don't get their style. In fact, I'm considering joining this facebook group: Ugg Boots + Nike Running Shorts + Leggings = UGLY. Really, it was amazing to see nearly every high school aged female wearing that outfit around in 50 degree weather over the weekend! This is during sports so there are no Uggs to be seen, but you can at least get the idea of the popularity of Nike shorts!

Nike Running Shorts

It was super fun though. Retreats and youth activities with my church are always interesting for me, because it allows me to take part in a teen culture that I for the most part missed by growing up overseas. When we did come back I felt so insecure and out of place that I hardly took part in anything. So... with that in mind, it's pretty fun to jump in and have fun dancing with my girls at the disco-themed dance party:

Disco Dance Party

My Disco Girls

They were such sweet girls too - two were from our small group and the rest were from another group. I love hearing their hearts and getting in on a piece of their lives. It's a huge responsibility - leading teens. Sometimes it's immensely frustrating when you can't catch attention or you deal with disrespect or just plain not caring... but when you see the depth of their hearts and are able to speak into their lives... that's amazing. This weekend I really was blown away by a few of the girls talking about their lives over the past couple of years, what they've learned, how they've changed. Seeing God grip a kid's heart is amazing.

On the bus

I even got to see them play football against the 9th grade boys and take some of those boys OUT (never mind that the boys were forced to play with their legs tied together, hopping around the field!)


And one of my girls was a finalist in a massive game of spoons, in which the spoons were replaced by plastic flamingos. I have no idea why.

Flamingo Spoons

All around fun. Oh, and on the way back we stopped for lunch at the small town of Canton, Texas. Check out what made the front page:

Canton newpaper

"Sick Raccoon Tests Negative for Rabies". Hmm. Hoppin' place, apparently!


This Heavenly Life said...

Well I would have been right there with you - confused and uncool. All those pictures with nike shorts! And Ugg boots! I've never seen such a massive concentration in one place. Terrifying. Who knew EVERYone would have the exact same shorts?! My jeans and flats would have had to go hide in a corner somewhere.

francesblank said...

the nike running shorts are hysterical!! cracked me up.

Steph the roomie said...

they'll look back in 10 years or so the same we do at our amazing sausage-roll bangs. ;)

Togenberg said...

Wow, I would have been even more clueless and confused about style than you were.

Gianna Blake said...

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