Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Orthodox and Catholic Differences

I've been writing a lot about my search into the Orthodox and Catholic churches, as well as the early history that brought about the differences between them. Last week I found this talk on Ancient Faith Radio, presented by an Orthodox historian, "Orthodox and Catholic Differences".

When I first started talking about this I was surprised that when I talked about Orthodoxy, most Catholics I talked to seemed to perceive Orthodoxy as a sort of extension of Catholicism, perhaps simply a different rite? They certainly did not perceive a split similar to the Protestant split. In any case, I was surprised and so wanted to find out how the Orthodox today perceive their relationship with the Catholic church - and this talk explained it all very clearly and simply. You could probably listen for 15 minutes and get the major points of difference and not have to listen to the rest of it, which involves more complicated doctrinal points.

I really firmly agree with the Orthodox church on nearly all points of difference with the Catholic church. Now - to read "The Orthodox Way" and find out more about them broadly, rather than simply in contrast to Roman Catholicism.

I was excited to hear that Orthodoxy is now encouraging the development of an American or North American Orthodox church. Up until now the orthodox representation has been primarily through the churches of immigrant populations - Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc. I think that has hindered their growth, because the majority of the population of the US wouldn't feel at home in a church primarily identified with another culture or language than their own.

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Amy said...

I would be very interested in seeing what an American Orthodox Church would actually look like! I have visited both Orthodox churches and various other Catholic Rites, and while the experiences have been enriching, I have never been attracted even a little bit to a church that is so SO foreign to me and my culture.