Friday, November 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes - Siloam Springs, Arkansas

I have come to the realization that my quick takes are generally not so quick. Oh well. Deal with it. Or you could just skip my quick takes and go over to Conversion Diary to enjoy others. ;)
-- 1 --

I spent this whole week in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Just to clarify, Siloam Springs = the middle of nowhere. However, sometimes the middle of nowhere is a nice thing, especially when you live in the city. I was there for a conference, but lucky for me my office sends me to conferences at the schools my sisters attend, mostly because I'll meet students through them and increase my networking capability.

So. To Siloam I went, a long six hour drive in my rusted used car (which I am so thankful for).

It was quite relaxing. I love driving through podunk little towns. Plus, as you can see from the photo above, Arkansas was still showing off the last of its Fall glory.

Oh, and while driving through nowhere, Oklahoma, I listened to Radio Fun Asia broadcasting Hindi music. Very surreal.

-- 2 --

My sister is a freshman in college. She's absolutely fantastic, everyone says so. She happened to get the kind of roommate you don't want to get your freshman year.... especially if you come from a reasonably tidy family like mine. This is her roommate's side of the room... or rather... 2/3 of the room. This is AFTER Joy asking her to clean in anticipation of my arrival.

Note that her closet (on the left) is almost empty, which is because it's contents are strewn about the room. Joy's closet is on the right. You don't notice it because it is organized and closed.

Poor Joy, I don't think I'd survive. I'm sure she's a very nice girl, this roommate, but I'm glad Joy is moving in with a friend next semester.

-- 3 --

Joy and a group of girls invited me to go with them for tea one night. It was so unexpected. Right in the middle of nowhere, Arkansas, is this completely authentic and adorable English Tea House.

Turns out an English couple moved into town last year, bought the big old beautiful house in the above photo, and opened a Tea House. They serve tea in mismatched china and squabble and insult each other in their English accents, and all of the Americans love it because it's so British. I think it's pretty sweet that Brits can come to the US and successfully open a restaurant serving average British tea simply because Americans think the English are exotic.

Our English breakfast tea and scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam was practically perfect in every way.

You can read their website here.

The Christmas menu posted on their website includes prawn cocktail, egg mayonnaise, and mincemeat tart, which just goes to show that it's legit. They even have curry night on Fridays. I wish it was in Dallas!

-- 4 --

Of course, Joy and I spent a lot of time together.... sometimes just chatting while I sat at my booth, sometimes watching sports games, walking through Siloam Springs (so cute).... and I got to watch her play soccer.

Approximately... oh .... everyone.... thought she was older than me and that I might have been her younger sister coming to check out her college. Folks, she is 18. I will be 27 in two weeks. I know, I know, I will be thankful one day that I look young, but right now it is a matter of respect!

-- 5 --

My mom knows that all of us girls love boba/bubble tea/pearl tea. She happened to find uncooked boba in an Asian store and left some with Joy for us to attempt to make. So... we did. And it was successful! Expect a post with full detail and photographic evidence. For now...

-- 6 --

I happened to run into a student that was asking everyone in site if they knew anyone driving to Texas for the weekend. So... I had a passenger for my return trip, and she ended up hanging out at our apartment for a couple of hours before her boyfriend finally picked her up. Isaac and I gave up waiting and left her with Steph (thanks Steph!) while we went on a date to see The Christmas Carol. More on that later.....

-- 7 --

Speaking of being in Texas, it's funny to live in a place where youth group activities can include two-stepping lessons and outfits like the one below. Actually, the cowboy theme didn't surprise me, what surprised me is that all of these trendy kids had fancy cowboy boots, hats, and plaid!

Draw09 026

Draw09 091

Draw09 075

(ps - watching high school boys dance with the girls is SO funny. They suddenly start acting so grown up... )

Draw09 056

The end....


Jaimie said...

So much to comment on...

2. I had a roomate like that in college. For TWO YEARS. I was SUCH A SUCKER. And a coward. I didn't get anyone else to room with me, so I just roomed with her again. I should've gone random.

I swear, the same stuff with the clothes. Exact same stuff. Cleaning was just kicking the clothes out of the middle of the floor.

AND she stayed up an hour after I'd gone to bed, nearly every night, to argue with her boyfriend on the phone. Outside the room. As if I couldnt' hear the whole thing.

Ugh, I could go on.

4. It's because you're shorter than she is! I mean, you look young too. But the height thing...

7. I'm a trendy kid and I have a cowboy hat and plaid. That's how trendy kids do it in Texas. :P

Kacie said...

Yeah, Jaimie I think Joy would have been the same way - she didn't like the idea of just giving up on her, but then the other girl started looking for another roomate herself... so Joy asked around among her friends and it all worked out. I'm glad. Roomates... yikes.

Hah! So tell me... where do you get the cowboy hats and boots at affordable prices? Or maybe you just don't... do you have to pay out the wazoo?

CM said...

When my sister was a freshman, I visited her campus. People asked if we were twins, and they asked who was older. I'm seven years older. I couldn't decide if I thought it was a good thing that they couldn't figure it out or not.

Beautiful picture of the leaves, by the way.

DeMo said...

Siloam and NWA has the best fall colors that I've seen. Thanks for the pics, and it's nice to be able to recognize Mayfield and the other campus buildings. :) The roomie situation isn't cool. At least it will work out. I got lucky and roomed with the same girl for 3 years. We both had our messy moments (but not when fam came!).

Jaimie said...

Oh, I don't have boots. But yeah, those are pricey. The cowboy hat and plaid... thrift store!

Togenberg said...

Love the tea house! I'm not a huge tea drinker but a tea with good scones and clotted cream and jams and etc, wow, good good good