Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to life post Thanksgiving/family/birthday

Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to start. Life is SO CRAZY right now - not drama crazy, just so busy.

However, I had the absolute most fantastic week last week. Thanksgiving. My entire family all together in one place, PLUS my brother's childhood best friend Anthony who still is considered a defacto member of the family. And... my birthday. With everyone there to celebrate.

I literally felt so blessed last week that I felt guilty for being so lucky.

And then we drove home all day yesterday on less than enough sleep, went straight back out to have a date so we could celebrate with just the two of us. When we finished our movie it was so late that all of the restaurants around were closed, and we were exhausted, so we ended up just heading to a 24 hour grocery store and buying sushi, bread, cheese, and salami (and olives for Isaac), and eating at our living room table.

So. We hit the ground running.

A couple of quick things...

- I'm 27 - which Isaac is freaking out about, he kept marveling yesterday that he's married to a 27 year old, and asking if I felt old. I continued to reassure him that I did not, that I still feel quite young considering people don't even yet identify me as being 18!

- I finished Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. It is a great book for those who like American history - it intertwines the World's Fair of Chicago with the true story of a murderer who used the fair to lure in young women. His story is nearly unbelievable - what a sick man. The World's Fair history was fantastic for a Chicago-lover like myself. Someone needs to make this into a movie.


- With birthday money I got a pair of skinny jeans from Walmart. I wanted a pair of jeans that would fit into my winter boots. I tried them at several stores and they looked awful, but amazingly it was Walmart that saved the day - I didn't feel like the pair I bought there looked awkward or too tight.

- Isaac and I watched the movie Red Cliff for my birthday. It's a John Woo movie, and the most expensive Chinese movie ever made. I would say it's sort of a Chinese version of Troy - a semi-historical and semi-legendary story made into a visually stunning epic that sort of lacks depth. Sometimes, particularly at the end, it was plagued by the cheesiness that often characterizes Chinese films. Isaac and I actually giggled at a couple of very serious parts that were so serious it was ridiculous. Still - it was fun to watch. Lots of battle scenes, love, friendship, history....

Red Cliff.赤壁.小喬

- Isaac got me an Aeropress espresso maker. I'm a coffee gadget geek... and this baby makes espresso (good espresso) using just the coffee grounds and hot water - it's essentially a coffee plunger. More on that later, but I'm already a fan.

- My parents... my siblings... they amaze me. They really do.


junglewife said...

Glad you were able to have special time with family. I think the last time I was all together with my family (and there's only 3 of us siblings!) was back when Claire was born, so almost 2 years ago.

I read that book - Devil in the White City. I really loved the history and facts about Chicago as well as the stories. Fascinating book.

Annie Peterson said...

Happy Birthday!

debd said...

I love foreign films but missed this one. Thanks for the recommendation.

Togenberg said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Rae said...

Happy belated birthday! I am glad that you had such a great week, it should help make up for being old. ;-)

saraebibb said...

so.. I'd been looking for skinny jeans, also to fit into my boots this winter. And after reading this post, I went off to WalMart and found a pair that fit! Woot. Most skinny jeans are just awkward looking, but these are great. Thanks Kacie. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for skinny jeans totally unsuccessfully. Many are called "skinny" but aren't actually skinny near the calves/ankles when I put them on. Not sure if it's because I have bird ankles and they would all be this way or if better ones exist? Do you consider yours pretty skinny at the bottom?