Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dallas according to the US Census Bureau

In the last 8 years, the population of Dallas county has grown nearly 17%, which is nearly double the national population growth rate.

We are 34% Caucasian, 39% Hispanic, 20% Black, and the rest of the percentages are very small.

31% of households speak a language other than English, and 14% were born outside of America.

17% of households are below the poverty line, but 25% of those under the age of 18 are below the poverty line.

So.... are our lives in Dallas reflective of the community around us, or have we isolated ourselves within our own particular demographic? Are our churches reflective of the community around us?

Statistics from the US Census Bureau, and the County Information Project.


Ake said...

SO interesting, and particularly interesting timing becuase literally just today Meg was showing me the census data for Peckham - she is doing a project on it. And we were comparing the area we go to church in (64% white or thereabouts) with the area we live in (only about 20 something % white) - even though only 15 mins walk away. Totally fascinating.

emily said...

You grew up overseas (were you an MK??), went to Moody (I go to Wheaton!), love mentoring teenage girls (!!), work with refugees (!!), process living between cultures, and believe in living in community...?!!!

Oh girl, we are so for sure going to be friends.