Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall Colors From My Camera

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower
- Albert Camus

From Photography

You know what I love about photography? Through it you FIND beauty where you might not have noticed it otherwise. I was feeling like Fall was coming and going and really hadn't impressed me much, and then I spent 10 minutes outside in my parking lot taking photos, and another 15 minutes taking photos when I was in Arkansas.

I was overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.

The contrast of colors...

From Photography


From Photography

I love how just one part of a tree or even just one branch can show such a range of color

From Photography

From Photography

I must admit, though, that I probably most love the trees that are completely ON FIRE

From Photography

From Photography

I love the piles of leaves on the ground, and indeed have been on the hunt for extra-crunchy ones...

From Photography

From Photography

And just the colors! This photo just takes my breath away!

From Photography

From Photography

From Photography

From Photography

Phew. God is quite the artist, eh? I love the Fall.


Ramit said...

Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Caroline said...

Insider tip: sycamore leaves are the crunchiest!

Jaimie said...

Every season is beautiful in its own way. Except maybe summer... Haha, summer is the plainest to me. I should look extra hard next year.

Sturgmom said...

Fall in TX isn't usually that impressive, unfortunately. But yougot some great pics! Thanks for sharing them!

Togenberg said...

Wow those are beautiful!

I don't like the autumn that is here now, cold, grey, but that bright part is awesome.

junglewife said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!

what kind of camera are you using?

CM said...

Great pictures! I really like your point about finding beauty you might not have noticed otherwise. Made me want to grab my camera immediately... but it's really early in the morning and then I would be late for work!

Annette said...

Wonderful!! I love taking photos of fall trees! In SA there was a beautiful area in Johannesburg that was lined on both sides of the sidewalk with amazing big trees, and in fall I would drive down the road to work, and almost cause accidents because I was too busy staring open-mouthed at the pure beauty of the colors....not my brightest moments :)

Kacie said...

CAnon - s2, I believe. I love it! Annette, I can relate! My driving in both spring and fall is a little suspect!

Jobe said...

I knew I had seen you! I'm glad to know I'm not crazy. :) Upon asking about you on facebook, my bestie actually confirmed that you worked at Watermark before I even heard back from you, so yay!

I can definitely see how a few students "fall through the cracks", so to speak, during the admissions process, and I actually got a feel for that while there. Just meeting some of the girls on my friend's floor made it apparent to me that you get all types. Which as you said, is to be expected anywhere.

I have hope that the Bible classes will only renew my love for the Word, but I can understand how it can get old. I am praying that if the Lord decides to allow me to go there, that He will strengthen me to get the work done but also glean something from it in the process. I've heard from a couple of my Moody friends that OT and NT classes just get you warmed up, and those are hard enough (especially for spoiled little Christians in our cushy lives, as is true for many of us! :) so I don't doubt I would struggle too, but I'm willing to take that on.

Wow. If any of those old rules were still in place, I would have a serious problem with going there! I'm definitely glad things have changed. Some of the rules I observed while on campus (such as the flagpoling kissing rule) seemed legitimate to me...things that I don't mind adhering to, because I agree with most of them.

Good to know about the theological imposition. Sounds about right.

Thanks for your thoughts. They really have been helpful (even though I may have appeared to try and counterpoint many of them). But I do take them seriously. I'm also glad you met your husband there! Exciting! :D Worshipping with you tomorrow,


debd said...

I love the pictures. Fall is my favorite season. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting too. What a pleasant surprise to find you used to live in Papua... We have friends who have been in Papua New Guinea for nearly 30 years with Wycliffe. I'm also acquainted with Fr. Daniel Byantoro who is an Indonesian convert to Orthodoxy, he has spent some time in Papua as well. He spends about 6 months a year in the US lecturing and raising money and awareness of his missionary work in Indonesia. His conversion story is fascinating.

Annie Peterson said...

I love the fire trees!!

Len said...

Hi My name is Len,

I was looking through your blog and I just wanted to say you have a wonder gift for photography. I love the pictures you took. It really brings out the realness and beautiful of nature! I love it. Hopfully you can take more pictures.