Friday, November 6, 2009

The Fort Hood Shooting

So yes, the shooting by a US soldier at a US military base in Ft. Hood, TX is crazy.

I mean, all shootings are crazy, but there's some things that make this one extra wierd.

The shooter was a psychiatrist. How weird is that? You'd think a psychiatrist would know well enough to see warning signs in themselves that they were feeling off balance.

Secondly, the shooter went to Virginia Tech. What is with Virginia Tech and connections to shootings??

Thirdly, there's varying reports about his faith. Last night a news report I watched talking about him being a Muslim and being mocked for being a Muslim. And yet... today an article I read reported that he'd listed that he had no particular faith and that he had never practiced his parent's faith.

This article is the most detailed that I've seen so far, but who knows if it's all correct.

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