Monday, November 2, 2009


This was most certainly the most fun I've had with Halloween events in years. Well, pretty much since my family stopped celebrating Halloween (we used to, but then I think my parents looked around and met enough Halloween-boycotting evangelicals that they felt they should probably join in).

It all began with a pumpkin carving party for our community group at our house a week or so ago. Our "dining room" barely fit us, but it was fun and our pumpkins were a success, and the nachos and snickers and candy corn were an added bonus.

Asher... you moved and blurred!

Some intense carving going on...

This is my pumpkin on the left and Isaac's on the right. His... is meant to be a scary face made of Hebrew letters... I'm not sure what it says... such an Isaac thing to do. And mine... is a sad face, clearly. I was happy with it because it effectively conveyed the emotion I wanted it to!


almost done!

And this is the whole bunch... you see Bob Marley, a haunted house, on the far right a cute little monster, etc...

And zoomed in a little on the center..

On Halloween night we did not even have ONE trick or treater come to the door, which was very disappointing. Since all four of us were home and verging on boredom, when Asher put on a mask in the living room and suggested we dress up, Isaac and Steph jumped up and disappeared to find costumes while I groaned at the effort I'd have to go to to find a costume. Isaac to the rescue... within five minutes he'd costumed me in this:

Kacie the... general?

And then added a shirt for the full effect (all are actually military antiques that he owns):

Isaac loved the outfit

Isaac took the clothes he acquired on our trip to South Asia and dressed as a terrorist:

Note creepy Asher in the background

Actually those aren't Taliban or Alqaeda clothing, but most Americans wouldn't know anyways, right? I have another photo of him pretending to light the American flag on fire, but we figured that wasn't a good one to post on the internet, eh? And, just in case anyone is a little uncomfortable, let me reassure you that Isaac is rather patriotic. We discussed trick or treating George Bush's house but decided Isaac's dress made it a bad idea...

Asher was.... well we weren't totally sure, he said he was trying to find himself. Mostly it was creepy to have black holes for his eyes, which of course you miss in this photo with the flash.

Mystery Man and Frieda Kahlo

Steph is Frieda Kahlo (sp?), who was an artist who was known for her monobrow and self portraits.

Once we were dressed up we just had to find somewhere to go, so we hopped in the car and tromped across town a bit attempting to trick or treat all the other couples in our community group.

tromping across town to find someone to trick-or-treat

Two weren't home, but we finally made it to Bart and Lauren's and managed to get ONE trick or treat in. ;)

trick-or treaters!

And finally, to change the tone a bit, Isaac and I went to my co-worker's wedding on Sunday. It was gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous... outdoors in the fall colors with perfect weather.

Jessica's wedding

Unfortunately that's the only photo I have of any of the wedding stuff, but at the reception they had the coolest groom's cake ever with a Dr. Pepper and Cheez-it's theme:

From end of 2009

And I got to witness a bunch the older folks in leadership at my office dancing and playing air guitar, which was totally priceless. Isaac's words as we left were, "Okay, your mission organization is WAY DIFFERENT than the one I grew up in." True. Dancing. Drinking. Very different than conservative Baptists. ;)

From end of 2009

The end. Fall has been great. Bring on Thanksgiving!


This Heavenly Life said...

I love your sad pumpkin! And those spur of the moment costumes turned out pretty amazing...if I'd thought for weeks, I couldn't have come up with anything better. Fun stuff :)

Jaimie said...

So many churches and schools are sponsoring events now that kids don't seem to go door-to-door anymore. It's really sick. Kind of like commercializing Christmas.

Togenberg said...

hahahaha The pumkins are great and I really like you as a general, very funny.