Monday, November 16, 2009

Homemade boba and a Ben-and-Kacie milkshake!

As I mentioned on Friday, Joy and I ventured cooking boba ourselves, and we added them into the not-so-secret recipe milkshake that was created in my senior year of high school.

In my senior year when my house became a social destination for my friends, we... or rather, I.... made milkshakes nearly every night. My friend Ben and I put them together using a special ingredient that our friend Natalie started using. They are difficult to re-create because we used Indonesian nescafe, full-cream milk powder (which I've never found in the US - non-fat milk powder is crap), and the special ingredient of kecap manis (looks like soy sauce but it sweet).

Here's how we began, with kecap manis, uncooked boba, boba straws, and nescafe that my mom picked up at an Asian store. Joy borrowed a friend's blender and sugar, and I brought the evaporated milk in hopes that it would be the equivalent to the full-cream milk powder.

We looked up a recipe online for how to cook boba, but we were pretty nervous about it! They look pretty strange uncooked - a little dusty and chalky and light-brown.

We put them in boiling water (for 25 minutes, and then sitting in the water afterwards for another 25 minutes), and they quickly transformed in appearance to something like... well... turds....

While that was cooking, we threw together our milkshake. I struggled to shake the kecap manis out of the MASSIVE bottle my mom brought. Since the dorm kitchen was completely empty, we also had to get creative in opening the evaporated milk can!

The evaporated milk worked okay, and we experimented with the ingredients until it tasted right. Quite a blast from the past!

The boba worked amazingly! We rinsed them in warm water and then split them between our mugs and topped them with our Ben-and-Kacie milkshake.

First sip!


Close up on the boba and the last of my milkshake:

Now... to figure out how to make green tea milkshakes like Panang in Chicago... hmmm..


Niamh Griffin said...

Sounds delicious! Very impressed that you had the patience to put it all together!

junglewife said...

Yum! I've never put kecap manis in milkshakes before!!! i have my own "secret recipe" milkshakes from high school - I created my own recipe for iced/blended coffees that I used to make after school, and after sharing with Dan and others, we started selling them at concessions for basketball and soccer :-)

On a side note, I noticed while we were back in the States the last time that they had full-cream milk powder in the aisle at Walmart where they sell all the "mexican" foods. I would imagine you would be able to find it there, especially since you live in texas! I don't remember the brand but I think it was the same brand we could find in Ecuador - Nestle is the manufacturer, I think, but the actual product name is something else... Take a look and see if you can find it.

Kacie said...

I will check for that! I looked at Walmart, but not the Mexican section. I did check the Asian section... hmm..