Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

I freaking LOVE the Holidays. Thanksgiving this week - my immediate family (which is now 10 people!) is gathering in Kansas. Most of us are staying at a hotel, a fancy one, where we will be eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Forgive me while I interrupt myself. This reminds me of last night as I tried to explain Thanksgiving to our darling refugee couple from Burma. I totally giggled when Tee Reh asked me, "Why you always eat the big chicken for Thanksgiving and no other meat?" Love it.

Anyways, I'm totally okay with eating at a hotel, because that means mom doesn't have to stress out and we all get to act fancy. Let me remind you that the last time my family tried to cook a big holiday meal together, we ended up with purple meat. It was inexplicable.

Anyways, I'm super excited. And after that, it's my birthday. And after that, we start decorating for Christmas!!!! These things are all Christmas to me...

Starbucks Red Cups. Don't we all just feel festive as soon as Starbucks pulls them out? I've had a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but I think it's about time I had a Peppermint Mocha... mmmm.

starbucks christmas

Mixed nuts and nutcrackers. I have childhood memories from my grandparent's house in Montana of my grampa sitting by the fire cracking nuts. My grampa is a man's man - he goes ice-fishing and hunting and has a room solely dedicated to his rifles, several of which he built himself. Oh, and he has hunting dogs.


Christmas cookies. Some people totally think Christmas cookies are for kids. They are wrong. Frosted sugar cookies are both Isaac and my favorite holiday dessert. We MIGHT have a cookie decorating party at our apartment. Woohoo!

Miniature Food Christmas Cookies

Eggnog: I know, I know, most of you think eggnog is disgusting. Fine. More for me! I usually buy one of those small cartons a year, and that's it.


The tree... the gifts! I love love love decorating for Christmas. Our first few Christmases Isaac and I decorated with whatever random crap we could find that would hang on a tree because we couldn't afford to buy ornaments. It was fun. :)

A Neo-Rockwellian Christmas

White Christmas: Snow... snow.... snow.... snoooooow. I love this movie. I love the sisters song, we sing it all the time. I love the cheesiness, and the romance. It's brilliant. I also love While You Were Sleeping, but Isaac refuses to watch it. He loves Muppet Christmas Carol, which I put up with.

White Christmas (1954) International Movie Poster

Christmas Music! I love me some Christmas music, and I've been listening to it for two weeks already. I know, horrible. It's Isaac's fault completely. I particularly love the Carpenters and Amy Grant Christmas. I'm looking for someone that does some of the best Christmas hymns... any suggestions?

I Think I Need Some Medication

*sigh of contentment*.... I love this time of year. And as for Jesus being the reason for the season, yes He is, but that doesn't mean kitsch=bad. :)

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Jaimie said...

Muppet Christmas is GREAT. Although I'm a die-hard "It's a Wonderful Life" because the screenplay is fab. It's one of my top 5 favorite movies.

Jobe said...

Seriously, why do people hate eggnog so much? It is so delicious. I often have to stop myself from drinking more than a couple glasses at once or I'll feel sick. :P

I like to think of you hanging random crap on a tree when decorating. That's hilarious. What sort of crap specifically?

My sister and I (I only have one) love the Sisters song too, and we both to love to sing. Definitely good memories. While You Were Sleeping and Muppet Christmas Carol and both well-liked in our household...the latter being primarily something we watch with my dad. My mom would go nuts if she had to sit through that. :)

I'm going to do my best to chillax concerning my friendship with the Moodie gal. I realize that you are probably right...that if I were to go there, my circle of friends will be different based on what floor I'm on, what classes I take, etc.

That particular friend had a catering job and it was pure torture for her. I'm not sure that would be the same for me, but I definitely would need a job while there...and I'm sure on-campus doesn't pay handsomely. Thanks for the tip.

You should see my car! I bet I could sell it on craigslist pretty cheaply! ;) I need to upgrade, nevertheless, to something a bit more durable. This baby's falling apart and has over 250k miles on her. *sigh* I'm happy for you, though! Always nice to have two cars for two drivers.

Clare said...

what? jesus? who is he? is he santa's kid?

Togenberg said...

I loved Tee Reh's comment.

Is he Karen? or other? Does his language have tones? The tones are killing me. I keep saying the right things with the wrong tones. hahaha

You now have me excited about Christmas! It is a favorite time of year for me, love it.

Kacie said...

He is Kareni... Which is different but I don't know how different, and I don't know if it's tonal. He is great... seriously, SO motivated and lighthearted. Isaac teaches with me - the relationship they've formed is just great.

Stephanie said...

"He loves Muppet Christmas Carol, which I put up with."......those are fighting words, Kacie! That is the greatest Christmas movie of all time! SO funny!

and even if it's just the four of us, we WILL decorate Christmas cookies. Asher just brought up getting cake-decorating bags so he can decorate his in finer detail....oh boy....

Glad you are so happy about Christmas. eeeee!

Anonymous said...

I love my John Michael Talbot Christmas CD and he sings some beautiful hymns. My husband likes Kenny Rogers Christmas CD - quite a contrast :o)

There are some great compelation CD's these days - I always look for something which has some of my favourites on it - Of the Father's love Begotten, Low ere a rose blooming, the Huron Carol, etc.

Anonymous said...

Real eggnog is fantastic ... and I'm sad to miss out on it this year, what with the whole ban on raw eggs :(