Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movies we've seen of late....

The Christmas Carol


I loved the Christmas Carol. It is fantastically well-made and true to the book, which means that it isn't entirely sentimental like we sort of think of the story being. The book is a ghost story, and so is the movie. It is downright scary at times - Isaac jumped repeatedly! Don't take kids... seriously... it would scare most kids to death. We saw it in 3-D (it's animated) and it was great.

It was powerful, though, just the way it's meant to be. I was really intrigued by the music choices - nowadays we have plenty of Christmas songs to pick from that aren't Christian, and Dicken's books are rather Christless (very moral, but no serious investigation of faith themes). And yet in powerful moments in the movie in would crescendo - "Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn king, peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled". I actually teared up during that song rather than any other point of the movie.

The Last Emperor

末代皇帝 The Last Emperor

This one is an old one that Isaac and I tried to watch years ago and I fell asleep. A couple of weeks back it was on tv and I resolved to finally see it - wow. What a vivid film - it's sort of an epic telling of the last of the Chinese emperors, and it follows his life through WWII, the Communists, etc. It's beautiful and powerful and cultural - just what I love. Thing is, it was such a crazy story I thought for sure it was at most just based on a true story but with a lot of conjecture thrown in. Nope. This thing is almost entirely true, except it's about two years younger in real life during some of the major world events.

Oh, and if you don't want to take my word for it, it won 9 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Yeah, you should see it. And then read the book Wild Swans, because between the two Chinese history has come alive for me!

Year One
This is a dumb guy comedy. Isaac rented it. I sorta watched it. It was a dumb guy comedy, and there's really not much else to say, from my perspective! If you like things like Old School ... you'd probably like it. I thought it was foul and dumb. Can you tell I'm not a fan of guy comedies?

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the wild things are -Max

Mixed emotions here! We went to see it with Asher and Steph but we all had mixed emotions. It's such a child psych movie - a little kid with big emotions has a fantasy world to try to process the adult world he's dealing with. The fantasy world is delightful, really. That part is fun - it's imaginative and deeply emotional without ever really processing those emotions in words.

The mixed emotions come in because THE KID IS SPOILED. It all starts when the kid throws a massive fit, bites his mom, and runs away. And yet within his fantasy processing of his emotions, there is never a processing of "it really doesn't help to destroy things when you're mad or have big feelings." It's like the kid and the animals continue to destroy things to the end and the lesson is - it's all gonna be okay if you keep loving each other, but nothing about the tantrum throwing is addressed. I mean, in a hilariously awful scene one of the monsters pulls off another monster's arm. That is never addressed, just sort of laughed at, and he walks around with a stick in his arm hole for the rest of the fantasy scene. What? That is NOT OKAY! Throwing rocks is NOT okay either! And when the kid comes home at the end his mom feeds him cake? Yeah.... if that was my kid we'd have a long chat at the very least...

Oh, and for me... despite spending a movie working through kid emotions, at the end he says goodbye to a whole world he loves.... and everyone cries... and then he turns around and just smiles and that's the end of that. What? For me, as a kid that had grief from seperation and goodbye as the primary trauma, the entire movie could have been about that ONE final moment. :)

So yeah. Mixed feelings about that one, but it was beautifully made!

Where The Wild Things Are Teaser 2


Jaimie said...

Evidently I have things to say that disagree with you, but I know you're cool with that. And I'm only half disagreeing with you. I don't give a crap.

1. A Christmas Carol was true to the book, but I don't remember all those chase sequences in the book. Haha, I haven't seen it, that's just what all the critics are saying. :P Ugh, chase sequences. Chase sequences in ACC.

2. I loved the first half of Year One, being a huge Michael Cera fan. It had promise, then just went to pot. I liked the Biblical mess. It had a dry Monty Python thing going at the beginning.

3. I haven't seen Where The Wild Things yet. I will on DVD.

Kacie said...

I love the different opinions. :) You're right about the chase scene - I actually only remember one but it felt like two becuase it was so long and pointless! That was one point where I looked at Isaac and said, "What is this?"

Yeah... see... Year one is the kidn of movie I think lots of people will like, or at least like part of the time... but not me. I don't like the Simpsons or Family Guy or most goofy comedies.

Maybe I just have no sense of humor. ;)

I want to hear what you think of Wild Things!