Friday, December 4, 2009

as usual, our family holiday is anything but normal

Like I said, Thanksiving with my family was absolutely amazing. I mean really. SO MUCH FUN.

However, even an attempt to do a normal American Thanksgiving in America resulted in a typically unusual Thanksgiving. We are never normal.

First off, because we are all rootless and homeless, we had to meet at my grandparent's home in Kansas. They weren't even home and their condo didn't fit us all, so half of us crashed in a suite in a nice local hotel. Because the suite came with free Thanksgiving dinner and it would have been crazy cooking for all of us in Grama's tiny kitchen, we ate at the hotel.

However, the next day we did attempt to cook in Grama's tiny kitchen, and we made a full Indonesian meal (yum). The kitchen chaos is indescribable. Look at us:

All of us were cooking at once, and rifling through cabinets to find pots and serving dishes and knives. There was almost no space to move and it's a miracle no one was burned in the process, but it was also incredibly fun. :)

My sister Michelle, getting the meat ready for beef rendang. She's contemplating a degree in the culinary arts...

We made boba milkshakes again, with the old family recipe for the nescafe shake. Isaac and Matt rejected the tapioca and Dad rejected the whole thing because it was coffee flavored. Wimps. :) Dad compensated by eating copious amounts of oreos. Oh, and Anthony and I had a coffee showdown, Intelligensia's black cat beans vs. Seattle's Best Henry's blend. The conclusion of it all was that we both have fantastic taste in coffee (but Intelligensia won the flavor contest!).

Twas a total success

I love this photo. Don't they look absolutely thrilled with the entire situation?

And of course, you have to watch football on Thanksgiving. However, this was our football watching experience.

It doesn't look like a football watching experience, I know.
See the circle on the photo below? That is the screen. We discovered that my grandparent's cable package wasn't picking up the Denver football game that my family was dying to watch (I am the lone non-sports fan of the bunch). Our practically-brother Anthony came to the rescue with his phone, which got internet. Thus...

They decided that big-screen tvs are overrated.

We did indulge in the usual Thanksgiving post-meal comas.

It was not all laziness, though. There was a rousing game of football

From end of 2009

We can play five on five with a ref with just immediate family present. Except that I am a wimp and sat on the sidelines and talked to my parents instead of playing, which is what I've done my whole life. At least I married a willing football-player to take my spot! My family is crazy though. My grandfather was a lifelong YMCA employee and a college all-star athlete. My mom got an MA in exercize physiology, ran marathons, and also started her career at the YMCA until she started having 6 kids. My brother used to come home from track & field day with a handful of blue ribbons, every year.

Isaac and I shook our heads in wonder as half of my family took off on runs in the morning and discussed their six mile treks. That's not all though. My dad went on a run with my sister early in the morning - six or eight miles or something crazy like that. They came back and then when my mom left on a run my dad decided to go with her to keep her company - several more miles. Then, when my brother decided he also wanted to get a run, my dad went with him too.

That folks, is certifiably crazy. And on Thanksgiving weekend, no less, when it is practically an obligation to be lazy and eat too much.


Ramit said...

Looks like fun alright, especially the little TV. Amazing.

Togenberg said...

That is so cool!!!

That is a very pithy, ad hoc, special time - you are so blessed with that. How cool! :)

Jaimie said...

I had a blast this year as well. Definitely one of my favorite years. About 17 good family and friends in one house. Lots of food, lots of pie. Swimming (heated pool) and board games. :)

Sturgmom said...

It looks and sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time!

emily said...

Ummm your family is too cute.

So glad you had a good time :-)

And hope your sisters are continuing to adjust to college well. I'm sure your support means a lot!!

Thanks so much for your comment- it really was encouraging. I hope your December is starting off GREAT!!