Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Fam

What's that you say? I already posted about Thanksgiving?

Shut up, I'm not done yet.

I can nearly garuntee that my parents will mail out this photo with a newsletter and it will be on peoples' refridgerator for years.

Over this break I reread a journal that I wrote when I was starting my Junior year of highschool in the US, newly returned from Papua. I told a story about being at a church retreat in Kansas and talking a walk alone. I walked past the lake where a bunch of kids were swimming and flirting and some guy yelled, "Hey, I know that girl, she's on my refridgerator!" Indeed. We'd never met before. Classic. According to the journal, he was cute, and we proceeded to hang out quite bit that weekend, so I suppose it worked out for me.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand, my family.

I soak up being with them, because they really are amazing. There's a mix of personalities, we are all still settling into who we are as adults. Some of us had had a hard year, some had a great year. Mostly, though, when we're together we just have FUN. We laugh a lot, we tease a lot, and we talk a lot about life and God and family and friendship...

It's always interesting deciding what to do as a group. As a family we love parks and being outside, but then if we play sports then I usually am happiest watching instead of playing. Then there's movies. Some of us love movies but my mom is truly the most conservative media-watcher I've ever met. Really. Name a movie you think would be safe, I'll tell you why she dislikes it. In any case, we still keep trying for some reason, and this year we all went to the theater to watch The Christmas Carol. And... we play games.

This time we played Trivial Pursuit, guys vs. girls. It took two days. The boys swept around the board and then got stuck, and us girls slowly caught up with them. The boys won anyways, which just kills me - sometime I want the girls to win. Sometime.

It was a classic example of how guys and girls process things differently. When the boys got a question they would talk for a solid five to ten minutes as they all brought up suggestions or shared their opinions and talked through it. Usually they ended up with the right answer because we had experts in a lot of areas among them. And then there's Matt, who rallied the group with threats to the other side like, "Look out girls, you're going DOWN."

Then it would be the girl's turn, and after the question was read there would be a long silence as we all thought (in our heads) about the question and possible answers. We would finally suggest a few things and contemplate longer in silence (no arguing). Finally the boys would demand that we come to an answer and we would agonize because all of us are indecisive (we are experts and holding strong opinions but not wanting to make decisions).

Eventually us girls were so tired of it, we were almost glad the boys won and got the whole thing over with.

And we watched an old home video, which is something we seem to do every time we get together.

I love Matt in the photo below. The siblings are in a full on crusade to teach him what is cool. The boys have successfully convinced him to keep his top shirt button unbuttoned, which he now proudly displays. We all convinced Mom and Dad to help him start shaving (it was needed). The crossed legs though... that's still his favorite pose. He comes by it naturally... Dad does it too. *rolls eyes*

At the hotel when the parents were gone we took full advantage of wi-fi to share new music we'd discovered or (as I think is happening here), watch dumb SNL videos like "I'm on a boat".

I love love love having my husband and my family together. I love it that he loves them.


Jaimie said...

How could you not love your family??

My mom is/was incredibly conservative about movies too. I mean, even PG things offended them. However, both my mom and my dad have eased up on that. I think someone (was it my grandmother?) told them that you had to choose your battles. Also, if you wanted to fellowship with people, you had to make compromises.

Jaimie said...

*offended her

I'm in a haze this morning.

Jaimie said...

Re: Yeah, stories probably don't communicate to your mother as much as they communicate to people like us. Stories communicate to everyone; we're human after all. But some more than others.

Since your mom isn't getting anything positive from the movie experience, she probably doesn't see it as worth the "compromise." I mean a compromise with the story itself, not with other people. For instance, I will watch people getting shot in the Sopranos (and bare-breasted women every few episodes) because the art is beautiful. The characters are so REAL. It's a divine experience; literally, it touches the creativity of the divine. I don't even need to "learn a lesson." Watching these real people struggle, learn, fail and "succeed" is lesson enough. Builds empathy.

It's hard for me to think of ANYONE not loving stories as much as I do, so sometimes I just decide that they never had good character analysis lessons in school.

Sturgmom said...

You are just too adorable! SO is your family. How blessed you are!

Clare said...

your brother's wife looks like she could be one of your sisters :) xx happy holidays

saraebibb said...

I have to say, I love your family too. :)

Erin said...

lol, can realate to the 'You're on my fridge' story, though mine never turned out quite as good as your one :).

You guys look like you have so much fun together!