Thursday, December 31, 2009

In the last 10 years...

This is the last day of 2009.

I remember 10 years ago when we turned into the new millennium and Y2K didn't happen. My family was in Wichita, KS for the holidays and we were headed out in a week to return to Papua for my last year and a half there. I remember running outside into the snow in bare feet to see the fireworks when it hit midnight. I was wondering if my crush from furlough was watching the sky at the same time (oh sappy high school self, get a life!).

It's ironic that as a nation we were so worried about Y2K, when that would really be the least of our worries in the next 10 years. I think that while we still live immensely privileged lives, the last 10 years has been hard on the psyche of America. Beginning with 9/11 and carrying through to the current economy, I think America no longer believes we're at the top of the world. My question is - will we use that the humble us and get back to work, or will we spend our time moaning and making up conspiracy theories? I think the answer to that question may well define our next 10 years... that and the potential spread or stagnancy of militant Islamic fundamentalism worldwide.

In the last ten years I graduated from high school and then graduated from college, got married, rented my first apartment, owned my first car, had my first job, and life has changed completely. I am a very much changed person (not entirely different from who I was 10 years ago, but mostly different!).

I don't think any other decade will hold so much change, but I may bite my tongue on that, because if in another ten years we have several kids and are working overseas, who knows, I may feel like things have changed entirely again.

I've learned some things over the last 10 years.

- Though how I read scripture, what I think about the church, and the lifestyle rules I live by have changed immensely, the journey to knowing God remains unchanged and the central purpose of my life.

- Good friendship is worth the commitment, and with commitment, it lasts through time and change and growing up. Thank God for that!

- My family is incredible and I love them immensely, and in the past 10 years I have realized just how important they are to me. As a kid I took them for granted.

- Marriage isn't easy, but it is immensely fun and secure and loving and transformational when you're willing to not be selfish. It is the most humbling thing I've ever done.

- Turns out I still don't really know what I want to do with my life. I'm not that much further along with that question than I was 10 years ago!

- I still love Papua as much as I did 10 years ago. It is still my home. However, I have learned that you can love any place and people if you set your mind and heart to it.


Niamh Griffin said...

Happy New Year Kacie! Hope the next ten years are just as great for you:)

Togenberg said...

Beautiful! You've changed a lot, and it's exciting to see.

debd said...

what great things to experience and learn. You are so right about the Y2K thing.