Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jungle Jim's International Supermarket

As I've mentioned, we spent Christmas in Cincinnati, which isn't exactly the most exotic of locations. However, Cincinnati surprised me. They DO have something cool there after al. Namely, Jungle Jim's International Supermarket.

(these are not my photos, they're from flikr, and clicking on them will take you to the photographers' profiles)

Jungle Jim's

It's a super store and an international market in one. An International Superstore. Or, in other words, Kacie-thinks-this-is-so-cool-she-could-get-lost-shopping-for-hours.

I mean seriously, they have a whole row for international cheeses (divided by country). We bought some red leicester and blue stilton.

Cheeses from all over the world

A row for oils. A row for candy. A row for rice. And incredible international produce section where I found pummello and starfruit and longan.

The Morning Shipment

You can find things like ground kangaroo

Fun Meats at Jungle Jim's

just about any kind of beer from around the world you could dream of....

Jungle Jim's

take your pick of international bottled soda

Glass bottled soda

They randomly have a fire truck.... which I think is located above the hot sauce section..

A trip to Jungle Jim's

And a mini theater where the entire family took a break and watched the history of Jungle Jim's:

Restrooms that look like port-a-pottys but are really full bathrooms behind the doors
Award winning restrooms

They have rows upon rows divided up by country, though I was a tinge upset that Vietnam and Malaysia have their own section but there's no Indonesia? There were rows and rows for India, and Britain, which was topped by a model of Sherwood Forest (cheesy)!
Jungle Jim's

And right next to that was a coffee and tea section that had these incredibly cool tea makers, and then appliances (I nearly got left behind when I got stuck there)...

And finally, 36 registers. This place is huge. If you visit Cincinnati, you should go there.

A trip to Jungle Jim's

Amazing. I'm jealous.


Jaimie said...

I'm annoyed that I went to college an hour away from that and never knew. I'm visiting Ohio in a few months. I should drag my friend there.

justaweeblether said...

Wow! It sounds amazing! I wonder if they have Schwepps ginger beer. I would be in heaven!

Chantal said...

Wow, that looks like a great store. I'm a sucker for good grocery stores!

Jen said...

My best friends live in Cinci, and I was just there for a few days after Christmas. I can't believe they've never taken me to this place!! I'm getting on them right now.

everydayMOM said...

Wow! My in-laws live in Cincinnati and I have never been to Jungle Jims. It looks really cool!

I keep wondering if you might know some friends of ours who lived in Papau for 14 years and then moved back to Chicago.

Rae said...

That looks great. I still need to find a basic Asian/African/Something market. I don't need a great variety, just cheep spices!

Togenberg said...


Not having an Indonesian section is odd, no?

Are the imported cheeses pasteurized or not?

Very cool!!!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...


Kacie said...

not sure about the pasteurization, Troy. I just know they were still pretty expensive!

Bethany said...

I was just in Cinci earlier this weekend and forgot to stop by Jungle Jim's!! I've been there before though- the place is so COOL!!!!!