Friday, February 26, 2010

Hair Post - Your Advice Needed

For most of my life I've had my hair just below shoulder length. And straight.

From this age:

To this age:

My hair is hard to curl, mostly because it is generally thick and healthy. Mom mom would curl it as a kid and it would be straight again within hours, and my own attempts acheived similar results, until a year and a half ago I found a youtube video about curling your hair with a hair straightener... and suddenly I can achieve some day-long curl! I love curls:

But you know, I am contemplating changes. The biggest change I've done was this one, a couple of years ago. I loved it, and kept it (more or less) until recently, but now it's growing out again.

Doppelganger week on facebook made me think. People tell me all the time I look like Kirsten Dunst, and someone else said I look like Ginnifer Goodwin. In both cases I think it's the cheeks.All three of us have ... well... prominent cheeks?!

So - doppelganger week inspired me to take a look at the hair choices on these two ladies and see what I liked on them.

Well. Kirsten Dunst can sometimes be horrifyingly unkempt, though of course her awards show photos are nice. She just doesn't have a lot of variety. Mostly she goes blonde, which I wouldn't do, and either shoulder length or long.

But what about her Spiderman II look? Could I pull off red?Maybe a little softer of a shade?

I could just keep growing my hair out and go for a lighter shade a brown to get something different: Long hair is easy, but it just gets boring after a while. I've NEVER dyed my hair, but I could. Light brown? Black?

I wish I wish I wish I could get my hair to do this easily, but it is super difficult. A perm? I've considered it. Because my hair is thick, I'm afraid a perm would end up as POOF.

I kinda dig the chin-length look though.

Ack. Suggestions? Advice?

Update: I did end up cutting my hair...... really short! I wrote about it here.


Jaimie said...

You probably want some new suggestion, but I think that chin style is gorgeous on you. You could go slightly shorter with it. The thing is, it's ridiculously in style now, so my two cents would be to take advantage of that while you can.

Karli said...

Before I even start, I know this is going to be a long comment because I am addicted to change when it comes to my hair, which is why the past four years of growing it out have been so difficult.
In my experience, having dark brown hair means dying is never a good idea unless you go to a salon. I've tried many different colors, methods, etc. and it always leaves me crying. Trust a professional.
When it comes to cuts, I have very little patience for styling so I go for something that's easy. I also have thick hair and I had three perms and really liked them. Downside, of course, is that as your hair grows, you end up with straight roots and curly ends.
I vote you go the chin length route. It would be a fun change (but one that would grow out soonish if you don't like it), easy to style but easy to dress up a bit with some curls when you want a change, and a good fit for your face shape.

Annie Peterson said...

Have you ever tried Spray Wax? My hair wouldn't hold curls all day, and then my hair stylist suggested it to me (together with using the straightening iron to curl), and the curls stay all day, sometimes two! It seems a little expensive at first, but it is totally worth it! I am still using the first can I bought!

Kacie said...

Hmm... could I do shoulder length AND curly, or should I choose between the two?

everydayMOM said...

Most women would pay to have thick straight hair, so let it do what it does best! I think you would look so cute with hair that is angled in the front just below your chin and stacked in the back. You could add some highlights, which would give your hair a lot of dimension. Carmel highlights would look great, or you could go with red to try something different.

This Heavenly Life said...

Your chin length cut was gorgeous! I think you could go for that, but even shorter for something way different. And as to your question about having short hair and curly at the same time, I'd say just use your iron to do it occassionally on your short hair. So you always have a few different styles at your disposal. Whereas, if you get a perm? You just have a perm...always :)

And color-wise, you hair color is so rich and beautiful, I'd hate to see you color it! If you're just antsy to try something, maybe go for some highlights instead of all-over color.

Whatever you do, you'll be stunning :)

Erin said...

what about some aurban highlights. I have done it a few times and if you only get the Tsection it's not too expensive and gives your hair a nice natrual looking change.
I like your hair just above shoulder length too - could you then curl that length when you wanted for Ginnifer Goodwin's curly look? If you feel comfortable take in the photo to a hairdresser and ask her how to achive the look with the tools you have at home.

Steph said...

I'm totally writing this while you're in the next room. heehee.

but I love the blonde one of kirstin dunst (the very first blonde one of her you have--the one side by side with the one with her long blonde hair. here's why.

Your hair is super thick (yay!) and when even only layered slightly at the bottom can have an all-one-length feel to it.

If you really want change and versatility (even just with texture since you've been unsuccessful with curl), you've got to taper it drastically.

By drastically, I mean lots of layers, like starting around the top of your ears for the shortest and thinning WAY down from there. You can keep it just at or above shoulder length, but it'd be super thin at the bottom.

:) it'd create nice lines. hair's all about shape, anyway. it'd give more volume on top, it'd feel lighter and you could play a lot with highlights from there.

my two cents. :)

Kacie said...

Steph, I like your two cents.

Yeah, I think I have had a misconception that layers create volume, because they can in someone with thin hair. But I have been realizing that you' right, with thick hair lots of long layers can help with the one-dimensional look of really thick hair.

I think a trip to Lauren's hair stylist is in order as soon as I have the cash.

The Bald Guy said...

I'm kinda bald. Ok, like totally bald. But oh well, I think I like the way it is.

Wait a minute, isn't that what most men say? :P

mamaayanna said...

Chin length, NO perm,NO blond,maybe some highlights/color.
Sorry short post,have Ayanna on lap:-)

PS; you do look a like with them!

Rachel said...

I love the first (left) pic of 'chin length' and think it would suit you, and be different, and some light curling would make it look rough and funky like the third chin length pic...I also love it with the cut you had a while ago that was straight and a bit longer than chin length...and I tihnk red/auburn hightlights would be very cool...its super short though so it depends how much of a change you're aching for...
also so sorry i forgot to email again before i went on holiday and then had no signal and no internet!
i'm back now :)