Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow in Dallas causes the city to fall apart and life to be very interesting

We had several strange and surreal days last week.

-Wednesday night I attempted to come home and prepare for a very important Thursday morning meeting, but when I got to our street it was blocked by FOURTEEN fire trucks, and I wasn't allowed in for hours! News trucks were around, cops, a helicopter circling overhead.... turns out that three apartments burned down in the apartment complex across from ours.

- Thursday morning I woke up to go to said very important meeting and walked out the door into a winter wonderland. A couple of inches of snow was covering the ground and that rarely happens in Dallas - it was GORGEOUS. I was lovin' it!

- My very important meeting went super well and I was giddy on my way to work because of that and the gorgeous snow and my latte. All day at work everyone was grinning and happy, and the cafe downstairs gave away free chocolate cake - can't beat that! And it kept snowing hard ALL day long - so beautiful! We got out of work early to beat the snow-traffic crush, because everyone knows that the entire city stops when a flake falls in Dallas. 

- Seeing Dallasites building snowmen and having snowball fights and sledding on the hills was fun. The second picture was actually taken the day after the snow when I went to get my oil changed at Walmart. This guy is in a Walmart auto-repair uniform and has a nametag that says "Jimbo'.

- Went out to eat with the roomates, which took forever because of the snow traffic crush. It was definitely getting hairy out - the roads were covered in slush, the snow was extremely heavy by this time, and on our way home it was total craziness. We saw power go out in whole neighborhoods, and at one stoplight lightning hit not too far away, and every time the lightning hit the traffic light would flash green before going dead again. Super weird. When we got home we were completely freaked out by successive HUGE greenish explosions of light outside our apartment complex that were accompanied by a WAAAAH sound. At the time it felt like Lost or an alient movie, but now we're told it was transformers flashing (and exploding?) as tree branches fell on them. Half my church was without power for three days. We were fine, though, and rather enjoyed the whole experience!
- Turns out it was the most snow to fall in Dallas in a day in recorded history. 11 inches in places. It was gorgeous, but then... we didn't lose power so I can say that. And all of us got the day off of work and school. The next morning at noon there were STILL major traffic lights out, huge trees split and laying across the roads, and traffic overhangs bent from the weight of the snow. The snow was practically raining off the trees as the city warmed up, and we saw something like 20 different traffic and power line repair trucks streaming down the highway from Oklahoma into south Dallas. Maybe Oklahoma was lending a hand to a very unprepared city?

Well, I was going to keep going and talk about Isaac and I taking a trip into South Texas, but this is getting long so you'll just have to wait. :) 


This Heavenly Life said...

a) Free chocolate cake!?
b) I love your hat!
c) 11 inches in Dallas?! That's crazy talk. I'm so glad you got to enjoy it. Your pictures are gorgeous!
d) re: the green explosions? Lost starts in 6 minutes. Be there or be square :) I'm betting you're NOT going to be square...

debd said...

You guys had way more fun with the white stuff than we did up here in the North.

Erin said...

Wow, amazing! I just can't imagine snow like that :)
Sounds like a couple of fun days.

Bethany said...

You guys crack me up! I think you'd all die if you saw the feet of snow we have here. You can have it!