Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thankful for my quirky life in Dallas

I haven't posted much recently, with good reason. Isaac got sick last weekend, and I was sick by Monday and stayed sick most of the week. It wasn't an overwhelming knock-you-flat kind of sick, just a general achiness, weariness, mild sore throat and headache that I can't seem to kick.

Despite that, work rocked this week. I had to get to work way early each day (and would pop an ipuprofin to try to kick the headache before the meetings started) and generally worked straight through my lunch break, and by the time I finished with whatever my evening's activities were, I was totally exhausted. I find work to be a gift right now, though. I've spent so many of the past four years struggling to feel needed, useful, or really meaningful career-wise that I really treasure times where I am busy and productive and meeting a need. This week I felt like that, and I got to sit in on big meetings (interesting discussion!) with some very fun guys. Discovery: boy humor doesn't change. High school, college, and 65 year old men all guffaw at bodily.

On the other hand, their gentleness, mutual respect, and passion for truth and scripture is inspiring and humbling. There was no need for them to give such respect and appreciation to me, the young secretary just taking notes in their meeting. They made me feel valuable and respected, which I am very thankful for. 

I feel so thankful for life right now. There's a lot that I could easily take for granted as the way life SHOULD be. Friends, work, stability, etc. But you know, I am not guaranteed any of these things. They are not rights. And so, fulfilling times are work are something I praise God for, and resolve to work extra hard and extra-excellently in lieu of the opportunity TO work. My car squeaks like crazy, but you know, for nearly two years I tried to get around this city by bus and it sucked. My squeaky car allows me to make dinner on time, pick up groceries, meeting a friend for prayer, and disciple teenage girls.

We are in a community group at church, and I really need to write about the unique community group system our church has. Between that and the fact that we are sharing a three-bedroom apartment with another couple from our community - we're in a unique situation. I'm so thankful for that too - sometimes community means drama, because the more you truly open up your lives to people, the more drama you get. People = drama. But again, I'm contrasting this side of things with when I got here, knew no one, and felt so lonely. When friends would write about whatever people-related drama was going on in their lives, I would think how blessed they were to have that drama. It is a privilege to be in each others' lives. The pain and complications that relationships bring is the responsibility that comes with the blessing of love. So yes, I am deeply thankful for the community I'm in, and for the blessing and responsibility of relationships.

Yes. I feel thankful.


CM said...

Community is awesome! With all its drawbacks, it is worth it. Hope you're feeling better!

The Bald Guy said...

Get well soon you two!

Wiley said...

Thanks for reminding me to be humble and thankful for all that I have, too.

Jase and Rach said...

Cars are awesome. We just got one (given to us!) about a month ago and I am LOVING not having to drag my ever-expanding self all over Chicago. Honestly, I don't know that anyone can appreciate a car (even a beater) as much as people who have had to function without one for so long!


Jaimie said...

Hey, update, goober!

I thought you would like this. It is a beautiful story.