Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break 2010

What have I been up to?

Well... let's see.

Last week my dear friend, college roomate and also friend from childhood in Indonesia came to visit. We spent one day driving to Ikea, REI, a Turkish restaurant, fro-yo, picking up my car (more on that point later), playing games, and talking and talking. So good to have someone that really knows you, right? That is such a gift.I just LOVE catching up. I love being in the same life-stage. I love knowing where each other is coming from. I love having her hang out with our roomies. It was good.

Then there was the one weekend that Isaac actually had a real spring break. We drove up to visit my sister in college in Arkansas, and I was a miserable failure at taking photos. We sort of explored - visited a Pakistani restaurant, a Mexican Honduran restaurant, a British tea house, walked around town, went ice skating, played games... in general enjoyed time with her and with another dear high school friend, Ken. Good times.This is the only real photo I have. We are only moderately decent skaters but we totally impressed two little girls who told us, "Wowwwww you guys have some REALLY good moves, you must've practiced a LOT!"

Things got busy at work, busier than they've ever been before for me, and I got sick at the same time. I plugged away because I'm never busy at work and I was SO enjoying having my hands full. I'm pushing for keeping it that way!

AND right after our spring break trip, my car broke down. First I thought I blew a tire because loud noises started and the car started shaking and driving funny. I pulled over and my tires were fine, so I drove the rest of the way home slowly and resolved to go to the mechanics in the morning. Well, I didn't make it the whole way to the mechanic when the steering started getting weird and the car would involuntarily jerk one way or another. FREAK ME OUT. I pulled into the closest car shop I saw - a Firestone. This was a blessing - they fixed everything and my car is in better shape than when I got it, and I could have done greater damage if I'd kept driving. It was also a curse, though, because Firestone is almost TOO thorough and I don't know if they did more than was needed, and they charge a LOT. So. We are paying more for the repairs than we did for the whole car last summer! BOOOOO. That's a little tough to stomach, but luckily we're on a payment plan or I really have absolutely no idea what we'd do.

AND I spent another weekend with my high school girls small group. Photos coming. :)


Amy B. said...


Steph said...

it was so great to meet Linda. she's a sweetie.
LOL I'm looking at Isaac with such disdain/skepticism. I really do likes him. promise. haha. I think that's when he was trying to convince me that it was a good idea to put my second settlement there.

Hans said...

Can SO relate to the relief of feeling busy at work. My last job was slow and I spent huge portions of my day clock watching and it was painful! When I was actually busy it was so much more enjoyable - it didn't matter if my days were longer because they felt shorter and I felt worthwhile.

Rae said...

Long-time friends are the best.

I hate expensive car repairs always wonder whether I could have gotten a better deal. But it is good that you were safe and it is taken care of.

Lauren said...

I love visits from old friends. And Catan! Haven't played that in a long time. Fun game, lol.
So, totally off-topic question: I'm looking for authentic Indonesian recipies. I know you posted on them once, but I can't locate the post. Can you point me in the right direction?
Thanks!!! ~ L